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Leisure, 1) time of which one may freely dispose: thy (absence's) “sour l. gave sweet leave to entertain the time,” Sonn. 39, 10. “I have no l. taken to weigh how once I suffered,” 120, 7. “I have no superfluous l.” Meas. III, 1, 158. “I hope I shall have l.” Err. V, 375. “I may have leave and l. to make love to her,” Shr. I, 2, 136. “your lecture shall have l. for as much,” III, 1, 8. “when thou hast l., say thy prayers,” All's I, 1, 227. “more l. shall express,” V, 3, 332. “ere further l. yield them further means,” R2 I, 4, 40. “how has he the l. to be sick?” H4A IV, 1, 17. “no l. had he to enrank his men,” H6A I, 1, 115. “had you such l. in the time of death to gaze upon the secrets of the deep?” R3 I, 4, 34. “which after hours give l. to repent,” IV, 4, 293. “God give us l. for these rites of love,” V, 3, 101. “I scarce have l. to salute you,” Troil. V, 2, 61. “I would not have you so slander any moment l.” Hml. I, 3, 133. l. serves == there is time for sth.: “debate where l. serves with dull debaters,” Lucr. 1019. “if your l. served, I would speak with you,” Ado III, 2, 84. “I am sorry that your l. serves you not,” Merch. IV, 1, 405. “my l. serves me now,” Rom. IV, 1, 39. at l. == having time: “are you at l. now?” Rom. IV, 1, 36. “come to me at your convenient l.” Wiv. III, 5, 137. “I will debate this matter at more l.” Err. IV, 1, 100. Shr. III, 2, 110. H4B IV, 4, 89. Hml. V, 2, 26. “more reasons for this action at our more l. shall I render you,” Meas. I, 3, 49.
2) convenient time, time fit for sth.: “might you dispense with your l., I would by and by have some speech with you,” Meas. III, 1, 154. “the boisterous late appeal, which then our l. would not let us hear,” R2 I, 1, 5, i. e. which then we had no l. to hear; cf. “the l. and the fearful time cuts off the ceremonious vows of love,” R3 V, 3, 97; the l. and enforcement of the time forbids to dwell upon, 238; “you have scarce time to steal from spiritual l. a brief span to keep your earthly audit,” H8 III, 2, 140; “on the supervise, no l. bated,” Hml. V, 2, 23. “pay them at thy l.” Ven. 518. “be better at thy l.” Lr. II, 4, 232. “at picked l. I'll resolve you,” Tp. V, 247. “at many --s,” Tim. II, 2, 137. “yet had he framed to himself many deceiving promises of life, which I by my good l. have discredited to him,” Meas. III, 2, 261, i. e. taking an opportunity of doing so.
3) freedom from hurry, the contrary to haste: “haste still pays haste, and l. answers l.” Meas. V, 415. at l. == leisurely, in no hurry, slowly: “who wooed in haste and means to wed at l.” Shr. III, 2, 11. “if you had at l. known of this,” John V, 6, 27. by l., in the same sense: “I'll trust by l. him that mocks me once,” Tit. I, 301.
4) Used as a term of courtesy, almost == pleasure, liking: “let me have some patient l. to excuse myself,” R3 I, 2, 82 (i. e. please, vouchsafe to hear me with patience). “as Hector's l. and your bounties shall concur together, severally entreat him,” Troil. IV, 5, 273. cf. “not one whose flame . . . any of my --s ever charmed,” Compl. 193 (i. e. my affections, inclinations). “to attend somebody's l.:” Sonn. 44, 12. Meas. IV, 1, 57. Mcb. III, 2, 3. Lr. II, 4, 37. to attend on somebody's l. == to be at somebody's service: “we'll make our --s to attend on yours,” Merch. I, 1, 68. “I will attend upon your lordship's l.” H6A V, 1, 55. “to stay somebody's l.:” Sonn. 58, 4. Shr. III, 2, 219. IV, 3, 59. John II, 58. H4A I, 3, 258. “to stay upon somebody's l.:” All's III, 5, 48. Mcb. I, 3, 148. “to wait for somebody's l.” Ado I, 3, 17. at l. == disposed, inclined: “since your ladyship is not at l., I'll sort some other time,” H6A II, 3, 26. “are you not at l.?” V, 3, 97. “if your lordship were at l., I should impart a thing to you,” Hml. V, 2, 91. “read it at your l.” Merch. V, 267. “nature and sickness debate it at their l.” All's I, 2, 75. “at your best l.” Caes. III, 1, 5. “at your kindest l.” Mcb. II, 1, 24. “at thy sovereign l. read the garboils,” Ant. I, 3, 60.
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