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Light, vb. (part. --ed), 1) trans. a) to give light, to guide by light; absol.: torches are made to l. Ven Mids. V, 401 “l. to my chamber,” Rom. III, 4, 33. With an object: “as Hymen's lamps shall l. you,” Tp. IV, 23. “though he have his own lanthorn to l. him,” H4B I, 2, 55. “and l. thee on thy way,” Rom. III, 5, 15. “have --ed fools the way to death,” Mcb. V, 5, 22.
b) to illuminate, to make bright: the eye of heaven “that --s the lower world,” R2 III, 2, 38. “--ed the little O, the earth,” Ant. V, 2, 80.
c) to kindle: “whereat a waxen torch he --eth,” Lucr. 178. Lucr. 178 Tp. IV, 97. Meas. I, 1, 34. Mids. III, 1, 173. All's IV, 2, 5. Caes. II, 1, 8.
2) intr. to brighten, to shine, to break: “that shall be the day, whene'er it --s,” H4A III, 2, 138. “as when the sun doth l. a-scorn,” Troil. I, 1, 37 (i.e. in scorn; M. Edd. a storm).
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