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Limit, subst. 1) bound, barrier: “grief dallied with nor law nor l. knows,” Lucr. 1120. “my trust, which had no l.” Tp. I, 2, 96. “beyond all l.” III, 1, 72. “without l.” Ado I, 3, 5. “within the l. of becoming mirth,” LLL II, 67. Tw. I, 3, 9. “above his --s,” R2 III, 2, 109. within “the --s of yon lime and stone,” III, 3, 26. “out of l. and true rule,” H4A IV, 3, 39. “give no --s to my tongue,” H6C II, 2, 119. R3 III, 7, 194. “a slave to l.” Troil. III, 2, 90. “into --s bind my woes,” Tit. III, 1, 221. “stony --s cannot hold out love,” Rom. II, 2, 67. “no end, no l.” III, 2, 125. “dares not to stride a l.” Cymb. III, 3, 35 (in prison).
2) fixed time: “between which time of the contract and l. of the solemnity,” Meas. III, 1, 224. “before I have got strength of l.” Wint. III, 2, 107 (the time of lying in before leaving childbed? or == the limited, prescribed strength? cf. Of. According to Nares, limit was sometimes used for limb). “the dateless l. of thy dear exile,” R3 I, 3, 151. “the l. of your lives is out,” R3 III, 3, 8.
3) extent, reach: “finding thy worth a l. past my praise,” Sonn. 82, 6. “take my king's defiance from my mouth, the farthest l. of my embassy,” John I, 22. “and many --s of the charge set down,” H4A I, 1, 35 (== amount).
4) district, confine: “within this l. is relief enough,” Ven. 235. “I would be brought from --s far remote,” Sonn. 44, 4. “buried in highways out of all sanctified l.” All's I, 1, 152. “divided it into three --s very equally,” H4A III, 1, 73. cf. R2 III, 3, 26.
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