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Might, subst. 1) strength, force, efficiency: “brag not of thy m., for mastering her,” Ven. 113. “which I to conquer sought with all my m.” Lucr. 488. “o'ercharged with burden of mine own love's m.” Sonn. 23, 8. (appetite) “sharpened in his former m.” 56, 4. “in the praise thereof spends all his m.” 80, 3. “to speak of that which gives thee all thy m.” 100, 2, “what needest thou wound with cunning when thy m. is more than my o'erpressed defence can bide?” 139, 7. “from what power hast thou this powerful m. with insufficiency my heart to sway?” 150, 1. “makes her absence valiant, not her m.” Compl. 245. “with all his m. for thee to fight,” Wiv. II, 1, 18. “affects, not by m. mastered, but by special grace,” LLL I, 1, 153. “all my powers, address your love and m. to honour Helen,” Mids. II, 2, 143. “to take from thence all error with his m.” III, 2, 368. “what poor duty cannot do, noble respect takes it in m., not merit,” V, 92 (accommodates its judgment to the abilities of the performers, not to the worth of the performance). “to be wise and love exceeds man's m.” Troil. III, 2, 164. “I have a man's mind, but a woman's m.” Caes. II, 4, 8. “I should not urge thy duty past thy m.” IV, 3, 261. == validity, truth: “unless this miracle have m. that in black ink my love may still shine bright,” Sonn. 65, 13. “now I find thy saw of m.” As III, 5, 82.
2) power, dominion: “so shall I taste at first the very worst of fortune's m.” Sonn. 90, 12. “thy pyramids built up with newer m.” 123, 2. “no m. nor greatness can censure 'scape,” Meas. III, 2, 196. his (Cupid's) “dreadful little m.” LLL III, 205. “I spread my conquering m.” V, 2, 566. “Love was no god, that would not extend his m.” All's I, 3, 118. “England shall give him office, honour, m.” H4B IV, 5, 130. if any rebel spirit of mine . . . did give entertainment to the m. of it (the crown), H4B IV, 5, 130 “that right should thus overcome m.” V, 4, 28 (Mrs Quickly means to say the contrary). “your grace hath cause and means and m.” H5 I, 2, 125. with all his m. to enforce it (the law) “on,” Oth. I, 2, 16. “submits her to thy m.” Ant. III, 12, 17.
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