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Minister, vb. 1) to perform a function, to do service: “pluck the grave wrinkled senate from the bench, and m. in their steads,” Tim. IV, 1, 6. “a --ing angel shall my sister be, when thou liest howling,” Hml. V, 1, 264. With to, == to serve, to execute the orders and supply the wants of: “shall we serve heaven with less respect than we do m. to our gross selves?” Meas. II, 2, 86. “did m. unto the appetite and affection common of the whole body,” Cor. I, 1, 106. “to him the other two shall m.” Cymb. III, 3, 76. Used of spiritual advice: “make me know the nature of their crimes, that I may m. to them accordingly,” Meas. II, 3, 7. “how sweetly you do m. to love,” Ado I, 1, 314.
2) to perform, to execute: “before all sanctimonious ceremonies may with full and holy rite be --ed,” Tp. IV, 1, 17.
3) to suggest, to afford, to supply, to give: to m. “occasion to these gentlemen,” Tp. II, 1, 173. “though sometimes you do blench from this to that, as cause doth m.” Meas. IV, 5, 6. “if you three will but m. such assistance as I shall give you direction,” Ado II, 1, 385. “what help we have that to your wanting may be --ed,” As II, 7, 126. “unless you laugh and m. occasion to him,” Tw. I, 5, 93. “how quickly should this arm . . . chastise thee and m. correction to thy fault,” R2 II, 3, 105. “ruder terms, such as my wit affords and overjoy of heart doth m.” H6B I, 1, 31. “what did this vanity but m. communication of a most poor issue,” H8 I, 1, 86.*“or from what other course you please, which the time shall more favourably m.” Oth. II, 1, 277. which (learning) “he took, as we do air, fast as 'twas --ed,” Cymb. I, 1, 45.
4) to administer (medicines), to prescribe, to order: “you gave me bitter pills, and I must m. the like to you,” Gent. II, 4, 150. “thy physic I will try, that --s thine own death if I die,” All's II, 1, 189. “present medicine must be --ed,” John V, 1, 15. “may m. the potion of imprisonment to me,” H4B I, 2, 145. “a poison which the friar subtly hath --ed,” Rom. IV, 3, 25. “canst thou not m. to a mind diseased,” Mcb. V, 3, 40. Mcb. V, 3, 40 “--est a potion unto me,” Per. I, 2, 68. “there's nothing can be --ed to nature that can recover him,” III, 2, 8.
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