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Mo or Moe, more (plurally): “the private pleasure of some one become the public plague of many moe,” Lucr. 1479. in me moe woes than words are now depending, 1615 (the later Qq more). “found yet moe letters sadly penned in blood,” Compl. 47. “in moe pleasures to bestow them,” Compl. 47 “in this life lie hid moe thousand deaths,” Meas. III, 1, 40. “sing no more ditties, sing no mo,” Ado II, 3, 72. “but two years mo,” Merch. I, 1, 108. “mar no mo of my verses,” As III, 2, 278. “many thousands moe,” Wint. I, 2, 8. “moe ballads,” IV, 4, 278. “I am past moe children,” V, 2, 137 (the later Ff more). “many moe with me,” John V, 4, 17 (F4 more). “many moe of noble blood,” R2 II, 1, 239. “many moe corrivals,” H4A IV, 4, 31. “many moe proud birds,” H6C II, 1, 170. “I have no moe sons,” R3 IV, 4, 199 (reading of Q1; the rest more). “with many moe confederates,” R3 IV, 4, 199 “many moe of noble fame,” IV, 5, 13. (Ff. other). “moe thousands,” H8 II, 3, 97. “moe new disgraces,” III, 2, 5. “moe preferments,” V, 1, 36. “moe voices,” Cor. II, 3, 132. “moe noble blows,” IV, 2, 21 (the later Ff more). “mo suns than one,” Tit. V, 3, 17 (Ff more). “mo days,” Rom. III, 1, 124 (Q1 more). “look, moe,” Tim. I, 1, 41. “twenty moe,” II, 1, 7. “with two stones moe than's artificial one,” II, 2, 117 (later Ff more). “moe things like men,” IV, 3, 398. “he slays moe than you rob,” IV, 3, 398 “send out moe horses,” Mcb. V, 3, 35 (later Ff more). “there are moe with him,” Caes. II, 1, 72. “mo tears,” V, 3, 101. “if I court mo women, you'll couch with mo men,” Oth. IV, 3, 57. “there is no mo such Caesars,” Cymb. III, 1, 36 (later Ff more). “mo kings,” Cymb. III, 1, 36 “moe ministers,” V, 3, 72 (later Ff more). “a million moe,” Ant. IV, 14, 18 etc.
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