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Multiply, 1) trans. a) to increase by the process of arithmetical multiplication: “like a cipher, yet standing in rich place, I m. with one 'We thank you' many thousands moe,” Wint. I, 2, 7.
b) to increase, to enlarge: “Plutus himself, that knows the tinct and --ing medicine,” All's V, 3, 102 (the philosopher's stone, which had the power to make a piece of gold larger). “your grace's title shall be --ed,” H6B I, 2, 73. “by his sight his sin is --ed,” II, 1, 71. Peculiar passage: “how shall this bosom --ed digest the senate's courtesy?” Cor. III, 1, 131 (i. e. this many-bosomed, many-hearted multitude. Some M. Edd. this bisson multitude).
2) intr. to increase in number, to be prolific, to breed: “your --ing spawn how can he flatter,” Cor. II, 2, 82. “take thou that too, with --ing bans,” Tim. IV, 1, 34. “the --ing villanies of nature do swarm upon him,” Mcb. I, 2, 11 (Qy.: --ed in Cor. and --ing == innumerable? cf. Multipotent and Multitudinous).
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