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Mystery, 1) a secret, any thing not easily comprehended: “to thy great comfort in this m. of ill opinions,” Wiv. II, 1, 73. “now I see the m. of your loneliness,” All's I, 3, 177. “Plutus . . . hath not in nature's --es more science,” V, 3, 103. “this m. remained undiscovered,” Wint. V, 2, 130. “there is a m. in the soul of state,” Troil. III, 3, 201. “those --es which heaven will not have earth to know,” Cor. IV, 2, 35. “you would pluck out the heart of my m.” Hml. III, 2, 382. “take upon's the m. of things,” Lr. V, 3, 16. --es == mysterious rites: “the --es of Hecate,” Lr. I, 1, 112. Jocularly used of strange and incomprehensible fashions: “the spells of France should juggle men into such strange --es,” H8 I, 3, 2.
2) calling, trade, profession: “he will discredit our m.” Meas. IV, 2, 30. “do you call your occupation a m.?” Meas. IV, 2, 30 Meas. IV, 2, 30 “painting is a m.” Meas. IV, 2, 30 Meas. IV, 2, 30 Meas. IV, 2, 30 “instruction, manners, --es and trades,” Tim. IV, 1, 18. not to have us (thieves) “thrive in our m.” IV, 3, 458. your m. (as a bawd)! Oth. IV, 2, 30.
3) professional skill: “if you think your m. in stratagem can bring this instrument of honour again into his native quarter,” All's III, 6, 68.
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