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Measure, vb. 1) to ascertain the extent or degree of: Tp. V, 122. Wiv. I, 4, 124. II, 1, 215. Err. III, 2, 113. LLL V, 2, 189. LLL V, 2, 189 H5 III, 7, 137. to m. one's length == to lie down, or to be thrown down: “if you will m. your lubber's length again,” Lr. I, 4, 100. “to m. out my length on this cold bed,” Mids. III, 2, 429. cf. “here lie I down and m. out my grave,” As II, 6, 2. “till you had --d how long a fool you were,” Cymb. I, 2, 25. to m. swords == to fight: As V, 4, 91.
2) to make or suppose to be of a certain degree: “m. his woe the length and breadth of mine, and let it answer every strain for strain,” Ado V, 1, 11. “your cause of sorrow must not be --d by his worth,” Mcb. V, 8, 45 (== have the measure, the greatness of his worth).
3) to pass over: “thus far the miles are --d from my friend,” Sonn. 50, 4. how shall that Claribel m. us (cubits) “back to Naples?” Tp. II, 1, 259. “to m. kingdoms with his feeble steps,” Gent. II, 7, 10. LLL V, 2, 184. Merch. III, 4, 84. Wint. V, 1, 145. John V, 5, 3. R2 III, 2, 125.
4) to consider, to judge: “not --ing what use we made of them,” H5 I, 2, 268. With an accus. (== to judge of): “with thoughts so qualified as your charities shall best instruct you, m. me,” Wint. II, 1, 114. “you do m. the heat of our livers with the bitterness of your galls,” H4B I, 2, 198. “if I be --d rightly, your majesty hath no just cause to hate me,” V, 2, 65. With by: that (thy mind) “they m. by thy deeds,” Sonn. 69, 10. “I m. him by my own spirit,” Ado II, 3, 149. Shr. V, 2, 29. Rom. I, 1, 133. I, 4, 9. Cymb. III, 6, 65. With, in the same sense: “m. my strangeness with my unripe years,” Ven. 524 (in judging of my strangeness, take my youth into account).
5) for a quibble's sake, == to dance: “we'll m. them a measure,” Rom. I, 4, 10 (or == to deal out, to allot, to grant? as perhaps in Ado V, 1, 11?).
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