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Meddle, 1) to mingle, to mix (cf. Comeddle): “more to know did never m. with my thoughts,” Tp. I, 2, 22 (== never entered my mind).
2) to have to do: “strip your sword stark naked, for m. you must, that's certain, or forswear to wear iron about you,” Tw. III, 4, 275 (you must not evade this business, you must fight.) Followed by with: “they are to m. with none but the prince's subjects,” Ado III, 3, 34. “m. not with her,” Shr. II, 25 (leave her alone). “we will not m. with him,” All's IV, 3, 41. Tw. III, 4, 308. “a mystery with whom relation durst never m.” Troil. III, 3, 202. “the shoemaker should m. with his yard,” Rom. I, 2, 40.
3) to intrude on the concerns of others; absol.: “a --ing friar,” Meas. V, 127. “do not you m.” Ado V, 1, 101. “--ing monkey,” Mids. II, 1, 181. “this --ing priest,” John III, 1, 163. “beat away the busy --ing fiend,” H6B III, 3, 21. “I'll not m.” Cor. V, 1, 38. Followed by in: “I'll not m. in it,” Troil. I, 1, 66. By with: “m. with buckwashing,” Wiv. III, 3, 165. “I'll not m. with it,” R3 I, 4, 137. “do you m. with my master?” Cor. IV, 5, 50. “to m. with thy mistress,” Cor. IV, 5, 50 “I m. with no tradesman's matters,” Caes. I, 1, 25. Joined to make, in the same sense: “I will teach a scurvy priest to m. or make,” Wiv. I, 4, 116. “the less you m. or make with them,” Ado III, 3, 55. “I'll not m. nor make no further,” Troil. I, 1, 14. “I'll m. nor make no more in the matter,” Troil. I, 1, 14
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