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Occasion, subst. 1) anything occurring incidentally, accident, good or bad fortune: “every light o. of the wind upon his lips their silken parcels hurls,” Compl. 86. “I am courted now with a double o., gold and a means to do the prince my master good,” Wint. IV, 4, 864. “withhold thy speed, dreadful o.! O make a league with me,” John IV, 2, 125. “enforced from our most quiet there by the rough torrent of o.” H4B IV, 1, 72. “like a gallant in the brow of youth repairs him with o.” H6B V, 3, 5 (or == cause? cf. John II, 82). “frame my face to all --s,” H6C III, 2, 185. “o. smiles upon a second leave,” Hml. I, 3, 54. “so much as from --s you may glean,” II, 2, 16 (Qq o.).
2) opportunity, favorable time: “the o. speaks thee,” Tp. II, 1, 207. “fee'd every slight o.” Wiv. II, 2, 204. “on the wing of all --s,” Wiv. II, 2, 204 “upon the mellowing of o.” LLL IV, 2, 72. “till I can find o. of revenge,” Shr. II, 36. “made mine own o. mellow,” Tw. I, 2, 43. “you may have very fit o. for it,” III, 4, 190. “as I may pick o.” H5 III, 2, 111. “as o. serves,” H6C III, 3, 236. “to meet the least o.” H8 III, 2, 7. “breed --s, that I may speak,” Lr. I, 3, 24. “a finder of --s,” Oth. II, 1, 246. Preceded by on: “I can gleek upon o.” Mids. III, 1, 150. “and so be mocked upon the next o. that we meet,” LLL V, 2, 143. Followed by an inf.: “have more o. to know one another,” Wiv. I, 1, 256. “you embrace the o. to depart,” Merch. I, 1, 64. “you took o. to be quickly wooed to gripe the general sway into your hand,” H4A V, 1, 56. “when you take --s to see leeks,” H5 V, 1, 58 (Fluellen's speech). “I'll sort o. to part the queen's proud kindred from the king,” R3 II, 2, 148. “to take the safest o. by the front to bring you in again,” Oth. III, 1, 52.
3) cause, motive: “he heartily prays some o. may detain us longer,” Ado I, 1, 151. there is no measure in the o. that breeds (my sadness) I, 3, 3. “that woman that cannot make her fault her husband's o., let her never nurse her child herself,” As IV, 1, 178 (== as caused by her husband). “nature, stronger than his just o.” IV, 3, 130. “what o. of import hath all so long detained you from your wife?” Shr. III, 2, 104. “goaded with most sharp --s,” All's V, 1, 14. “courage mounteth with o.” John II, 82 (cf. H6B V, 3, 5). “this most fair o., by the which we will untread the steps of damned flight,” V, 4, 51. “to behold the face of that o. that shall bring it on,” H4A I, 3, 276. “I well allow the o. of our arms,” H4B I, 3, 5. H4B I, 3, 5 “he cannot so precisely weed this land as his misdoubts present o.” IV, 1, 206. “there is --s and causes why and wherefore,” H5 V, 1, 3. “you have great reason to do Richard right, especially for those --s at Eltham place I told your majesty,” H6A III, 1, 155. “those --s were of force,” H6A III, 1, 155 “whate'er o. keeps him from us now,” H6B III, 1, 3. “I seek o. how to rise,” H6C I, 2, 45. “when I give o. of offence, then let me die, I,” 3, 44. “with what vehemency the o. shall instruct you,” H8 V, 1, 150. “when contention and o. meet,” Troil. IV, 1, 16. “a very little thief of o. will rob you of a great deal of patience,” Cor. II, 1, 32. “if I see o. in a good quarrel,” Rom. II, 4, 168. “an you will give me o.” III, 1, 45. “my master is awaked by great o. to call upon his own,” Tim. II, 2, 21. “he hath sent me an earnest inviting, which many my near --s did urge me to put off,” III, 6, 12 (almost == engagement, business. cf. Nares). “get on your nightgown, lest o. call us,” Mcb. II, 2, 70. “to visit you, my lord; no other o.” Hml. II, 2, 279. “how all --s do inform against me,” IV, 4, 32. “I shall recount the o. of my return,” IV, 7, 47. “--s of some poise,” Lr. II, 1, 122. “am I the o. of these tears?” Oth. IV, 2, 43 (Ff motive). “under a compelling o., let women die,” Ant. I, 2, 141. “brings the dire o. in his arms of what we blame him for,” Cymb. IV, 2, 196. on an o. == for a reason, from a motive: “on what o. break those tears from thee?” Lucr. 1270. I am yet so near the manners “of my mother, that upon the least o. more mine eyes will tell tales of me,” Tw. II, 1, 42. “I sent for thee upon a sad o.” III, 4, 20. “to visit Bohemia on the like o.” Wint. I, 1, 2. “on what o. they have taken sanctuary,” R3 III, 1, 26. “I would on great o. speak with you,” Oth. IV, 1, 59. Followed by an inf.: “when you were gravelled for lack of matter, you might take o. to kiss,” As IV, 1, 75. “when he had o. to be seen,” H4A III, 2, 74. “as oft as he has o. to name himself,” H4B II, 2, 119. “having any o. to write,” H5 V, 2, 365. “to take o. from their mouths to raise a mutiny,” H6A IV, 1, 130. “had I so good o. to lie long,” Troil. IV, 1, 3. “find some o. to anger Cassio,” Oth. II, 1, 274. “what o. had Cadwal to give it motion?” Cymb. IV, 2, 187.
Passing into the sense of matter, theme, subject: “to minister o. to these gentlemen,” Tp. II, 1, 173 (a topic of jesting, food for laughter). “unless you laugh and minister o. to him, he is gagged,” Tw. I, 5, 94. “his eye begets o. for his wit,” LLL II, 69. “yet more quarrelling with o.” Merch. III, 5, 61 (== at odds with the matter in question; turning it into ridicule without reason). “that the time's enemies may not have this to grace --s,” John IV, 2, 62 (matters which they may urge against yoú).
4) need, want, necessity: “my purse, my person, my extremest means lie all unlocked to your --s,” Merch. I, 1, 139. “though lately we intended to keep in darkness what o. now reveals,” Tw. V, 156. “I am proud that my --s have found time to use 'em,” Tim. II, 2, 200. “I should ne'er have denied his o. so many talents,” III, 2, 26. “has only sent his present o. now,” III, 2, 26 “if his o. were not virtuous,” III, 2, 26 “his --s might have wooed me first,” III, 3, 15. “he married but his o. here,” Ant. II, 6, 140. “so tender over his --s,” Cymb. V, 5, 87. With an inf.: “if you have o. to use me for your own turn,” Meas. IV, 2, 60. “having great and instant o. to use fifty talents,” Tim. III, 1, 19.
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