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Pant, vb. 1) to have the breast heaving and the heart palpitating: “--ing he lieth and breatheth in her face,” Ven. 62. “while in his hold-fast foot the weak mouse --eth,” Lucr. 555. “she like a wearied lamb lies --ing there,” Lucr. 555 “and --s and looks pale,” Tw. III, 4, 323. “smothered it within my --ing bulk,” R3 I, 4, 40. “now breathless wrong shall sit and p. in your great chairs of state,” Tim. V, 4, 11. Sometimes the idea of palpitation, sometimes that of breathlessness prevalent: “my boding heart --s, beats and takes no rest,” Ven. 647. “the --ing sides of his poor jade,” H4B I, 1, 45. “half breathless, --ing forth from Goneril his mistress salutations,” Lr. II, 4, 31. “I p. for life,” V, 3, 243 (== I gasp for life). “having lost her breath, she spoke and --ed,” Ant. II, 2, 235.
2) to take breath after great exertion: “find we a time for frighted peace to p.” H4A I, 1, 2. “he never stood to ease his breast with --ing,” Cor. II, 2, 126.
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