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Puff, vb. 1) to blow with a quick blast: “his hot heart . . . --s forth another wind that fires the torch,” Lucr. 315. “tapers they are, with your sweet breaths --ed out,” LLL V, 2, 267. “like foggy south --ing with wind and rain,” As III, 5, 50. “the sea --ed up with winds,” Shr. I, 2, 202. “distinction, with a broad and powerful fan -- ing at all,” Troil. I, 3, 28. “--s away from thence,” Rom. I, 4, 102. when it (the cannon) “hath from his very arm -- ed his own brother,” Oth. III, 4, 137.
2) to breathe with vehemence, as after violent exertion: “and p. to win a vulgar station,” Cor. II, 1, 230.
3) to blow up, to inflate: “a --ed man,” Wiv. V, 5, 160. “till thy cheek outswell the colic of --ed Aquilon,” Troil. IV, 5, 9. “whose selfsame mettle, whereof arrogant man is --ed,” Tim. IV, 3, 180. “a --ed and reckless libertine,” Hml. I, 3, 49. “spirit with divine ambition --ed,” IV, 4, 49. With up: “the heart, who, great and --ed up with this retinue,” H4B IV, 3, 121. cf. Lazy-puffing.
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