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Parcel, subst. 1) a single constituent part, a particular, a piece, an article, an item: every light occasion of the wind upon his lips their (his curls') “silken --s hurls,” Compl. 87. “to your audit comes their distract --s in combined sums,” Compl. 87 “the lips is p. of the mouth,” Wiv. I, 1, 237 (Evans' speech). “it is a branch and p. of mine oath,” Err. V, 106. “had they marked him in --s as I did,” As III, 5, 125. “these main --s of dispatch,” All's IV, 3, 104. “his eloquence the p. of a reckoning,” H4A II, 4, 113. “ere break the smallest p. of this vow,” III, 2, 159. “I sent your grace the --s and particulars of our grief,” H4B IV, 2, 36. “many a thousand, which now mistrust no p. of my fear,” H6C V, 6, 38. “the several --s of his plate,” H8 III, 2, 125. “some --s of their power are forth already,” Cor. I, 2, 32. “'tis as it were a p. of their feast,” IV, 5, 231. “here comes a p. of our hopeful booty,” Tit. II, 3, 49. “whereof by --s she had something heard,” Oth. I, 3, 154. “men's judgments are a p. of their fortunes,” Ant. III, 13, 32.
2) a bundle, a package: “I have about me many --s of charge,” Wint. IV, 4, 261 (or articles, items?). “that swollen p. of dropsies,” H4A II, 4, 496.
3) a number of persons, a party: “a holy p. of the fairest dames,” LLL V, 2, 160. “this p. of wooers,” Merch. I, 2, 119. “this youthful p. of noble bachelors,” All's II, 3, 58.
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