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Perforce, 1) by force, by violence: “he rushed into my house and took p. my ring away,” Err. IV, 3, 95. “and take p. my husband from the abbess,” V, 117. “what he hath taken away from thy father p., I will render thee again in affection,” As I, 2, 21. John I, 268. R2 II, 3, 121. H6C I, 1, 34. H6C I, 1, 34 V, 5, 68. R3 III, 1, 30. R3 III, 1, 30 Tit. II, 3, 134. Rom. V, 3, 238. Lr. I, 4, 320. I, 5, 43. Cymb. III, 1, 72. force p., in the same sense: “and force p. keep Stephen Langton from that holy see,” John III, 1, 142. “the king was force p. compelled to banish him,” H4B IV, 1, 116. “and force p. I'll make him yield the crown,” H6B I, 1, 258.
2) necessarily (joined to must): “of thy misprision must p. ensue some true love turned,” Mids. III, 2, 90. which (your health) “must p. decay,” H4B I, 1, 165. “these unseasoned hours p. must add unto your sickness,” III, 1, 105. “that light and weightless down p. must move,” IV, 5, 34. H5 V, 2, 161. Troil. I, 3, 123. Lr. IV, 2, 35. Lr. IV, 2, 35 p. and needs joined: “p. you must needs stay a time,” Tit. IV, 3, 41.
3) of necessity, yielding to necessity (German: nothgedrungen): “I, being pent in thee, p. am thine,” Sonn. 133, 14. “patience p.” Rom. I, 5, 91 (cf. R3 I, 1, 116. Proverb: patience perforce is a medicine for a mad dog). “when p. he could not but pay me terms of honour,” Ant. III, 4, 6. Joined to must: “with foul offenders thou p. must bear,” Lucr. 612. “which p. thou must restore,” Tp. V, 133. “p. I must confess I thought you lord of more true gentleness,” Mids. II, 2, 131. “p. a third must take up us,” H4B I, 3, 72. “I must p. compound with mistful eyes,” H5 IV, 6, 33. “how I am braved and must p. endure it,” H6A II, 4, 115. R3 I, 1, 116. H8 I, 2, 47. III, 2, 147. Tit. II, 1, 107. Oth. V, 2, 256. Ant. V, 1, 37.
4) at any rate (German: durchaus): “rain added to a river that is rank p. will force it overflow the bank,” Ven. 72. “p. against all checks I must advance the colours of my love,” Wiv. III, 4, 84. “but she p. withholds the boy,” Mids. II, 1, 26. “thy fair virtue's force p. doth move me to swear, I love thee,” III, 1, 143. “they must p. have melted,” R2 V, 2, 35. “this weaves itself p. into my business,” Lr. II, 1, 17. force p., in the same sense: “venom of suggestion, as force p. the age will pour it in,” H4B IV, 4, 46.
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