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Rain, vb. 1) intr. to fall in drops: “the rain it --eth,” Tw. V, 401. Lr. III, 2, 77. “dissolve, thick cloud, and r.” Ant. V, 2, 302. Impersonally: “it --s,” Ven. 458. Lucr. 1790. Rom. III, 5, 129. “it begins to r.” Lr. II, 4, 81. “though marble wear with --ing,” Lucr. 560. Lucr. 560 Metaphorically, of tears: “her tears, which long have --ed,” Ven. 83. Lucr. 1271. H4B II, 3, 59. Troil. IV, 4, 55. Hml. IV, 5, 166.
2) tr. to shower down like rain: “on the earth I r. my waters,” R2 III, 3, 59. Used of any thing poured down in great plenty (therefore in Merch. III, 2, 113 read rein): “heavens r. grace on that,” Tp. III, 1, 75. “let the sky r. potatoes,” Wiv. V, 5, 21. “the heavens r. odours on you,” Tw. III, 1, 96. “r. their drift of bullets,” John II, 412. “r. hot vengeance,” R2 I, 2, 8. “with showers of blood --ed from the wounds,” III, 3, 44. “it --ed down fortune on your head,” H4A V, 1, 47. “my power --ed honour on you,” H8 III, 2, 185. “r. sacrificial whisperings in his ear,” Tim. I, 1, 81. “--ed all kinds of shames on my head,” Oth. IV, 2, 48. “as it --ed kisses,” Ant. III, 13, 85. Of tears: Ven. 360. LLL V, 2, 819. Shr. Ind. 1, 125.
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