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Reserve, vb. 1) to keep to one's self and withhold from others: “--d the stalk and gave him all my flower,” Compl. 147. r. them (your jests) “till a merrier hour,” Err. I, 2, 69. “what is yours to bestow is not yours to r.” Tw. I, 5, 201. “the other part --d I by consent,” R2 I, 1, 128. “all lovers swear more performance than they are able and yet r. an ability that they never perform,” Troil. III, 2, 92. “r. still to give,” Tim. III, 6, 81. “if he covetously r. it, how shall's get it,” IV, 3, 408. “the table is full. Here is a place --d,” Mcb. III, 4, 46 (not occupied by others). “take each man's censure, but r. thy judgment,” Hml. I, 3, 69. “r. thy state,” Lr. I, 1, 151 (Qq reverse thy doom). “he --d a blanket,” III, 4, 67. “I have --d to myself nothing,” Ant. V, 2, 143. “that I some lady trifles have --d,” Ant. V, 2, 143 Ant. V, 2, 143
2) to except from the conditions of an agreement: “shall our condition stand? It shall: only --d, you claim no interest in any of our towns of garrison,” H6A V, 4, 167.
3) to guard, to keep safe, to preserve: “r. them for my love, not for their rhyme,” Sonn. 32, 7. “one in the prison I have --d alive,” Meas. V, 472. “all her deserving is a --d honesty, and that I have not heard examined,” All's III, 5, 65 (cf. Cymb. I, 4, 143). “Richard yet lives, hell's black intelligencer, only --d their factor,” R3 IV, 4, 72. “Kind Rome, that hast thus lovingly --d the cordial of mine age,” Tit. I, 165. “sense to ecstasy was ne'er so thralled but it --d some quantity of choice,” Hml. III, 4, 75. “she --s it evermore about her,” Oth. III, 3, 295. “but nothing -- always --d my holy duty -- what his rage can do on me,” Cymb. I, 1, 87. “I will bring from thence that honour of hers which you imagine so --d,” I, 4, 143. “no reason I, since of your lives you set so slight a valuation, should r. my cracked one to more care,” IV, 4, 49. “r. that excellent complexion,” Per. IV, 1, 40.
Probably corrupt: “while comments of your praise, richly compiled, r. their character with golden quill and precious phrase,” Sonn. 85, 3 (Anon. rehearse).
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