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Revolt, subst. 1) rebellion: Wiv. I, 3, 111. John III, 4, 167. IV, 2, 6. H4B IV, 5, 66. Troil. V, 2, 146. Cor. III, 1, 126. Tim. IV, 3, 91 (make r. == cause rebellion). Mcb. I, 2, 2.
2) desertion, going over to the enemy: “to corrupt him to a r.” All's IV, 3, 204. “let not him be slandered with r.” H4A I, 3, 112. “seek a plaster by contemned r.” John V, 2, 13. “more and less have given him the r.” Mcb. V, 4, 12. V, 2, 18. Ant. IV, 9, 19. With to: “gravity's r. to wantonness,” LLL V, 2, 74 (== falling into wantonness).
3) gross departure from duty: “this r. of thine is like another fall of man,” H5 II, 2, 141. “images of r. and flying off,” Lr. II, 4, 91. “your daughter hath made a gross r.” Oth. I, 1, 135. Especially faithlessness in love, inconstancy: “my life on thy r. doth lie,” Sonn. 92, 10. “their love may be called appetite, no motion of the liver, but the palate, that suffer surfeit, cloyment and r.” Tw. II, 4, 102. “O foul r. of French inconstancy,” John III, 1, 322. “ere my true heart with treacherous r. turn to another,” Rom. IV, 1, 58. “the smallest fear or doubt of her r.” Oth. III, 3, 188. “that all the plagues of hell should at one time encounter such r.” Cymb. I, 6, 112. “thy r.” III, 4, 57.
4) deserter: “you degenerate, you ingrate --s,” John V, 2, 151. “lead me to the --s of England here,” V, 4, 7. “receive us for barbarous and unnatural --s,” Cymb. IV, 4, 6.
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