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Rheum, 1) rheumatism, morbid defluxion of humours: “curse the gout, serpigo, and the r.” Meas. III, 1, 31. “is he not stupid with age and altering --s?” Wint. IV, 4, 410. “I have a r. in mine eyes,” Troil. V, 3, 105. “that year he was troubled with a r.” Ant. III, 2, 57.
2) humid matter secreted from the eyes, mouth, or nose; a) tears: “an hour in clamour and a quarter in r.” Ado V, 2, 85. “why holds thine eye that lamentable r.” John III, 1, 22. “how now, foolish r.” IV, 1, 33. “villany is not without such r.” IV, 3, 108. “the north-east wind awaked the sleeping r. and so by chance did grace our hollow parting with a tear,” R2 I, 4, 8. “a few drops of women's r.” Cor. V, 6, 46. “threatening the flames with bisson r.” Hml. II, 2, 529. b) saliva: “you that did void your r. upon my beard,” Merch. I, 3, 118. cf. “the valleys whose low vassal seat the Alps doth spit and void his r. upon,” H5 III, 5, 52. c) moisture from the nose: “I guess it stood in her chin, by the salt r. that ran between France and it,” Err. III, 2, 131. “I have a salt and sorry r. offends me,” Oth. III, 4, 51.
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