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Rightly, 1) straightly, directly, in front: “perspectives, which r. gazed upon show nothing but confusion,” R2 II, 2, 18.
2) correctly, fitly, not erroneously: “the hardest voice of her behaviour, to be Englished r.” Wiv. I, 3, 52. “r. reasoned,” Ado V, 1, 229. “will never be chosen by any r.” Merch. I, 2, 35. “if I heard you r.” As V, 4, 186. “no Christian soul that means to be saved by believing r.” Tw. III, 2, 76. “choler, my lord, if r. taken,” H4A II, 4, 356. H4A II, 4, 356 “I am assured, if I be measured r., your majesty hath no just cause to hate me,” H4B V, 2, 65. “thy name is Gaultier, being r. sounded,” H6B IV, 1, 37. “few men r. temper with the stars,” H6C IV, 6, 29. “he tells you r.” H8 III, 1, 97. “that justly thinkest and hast most r. said,” Lr. I, 1, 186. “my parts, my title and my perfect soul shall manifest me r.” Oth. I, 2, 32.
3) truly, really: “they r. do inherit heaven's graces,” Sonn. 94, 5. “he it was that might r. say, Veni, vidi, vici,” LLL IV, 1, 68. “one who shall r. love,” Merch. I, 2, 36. “this thorn doth to our rose of youth r. belong,” All's I, 3, 136. “you may be r. just, whatever I shall think,” Mcb. IV, 3, 30. “r. to be great,” Hml. IV, 4, 53. “transform you from what you r. are,” Lr. I, 4, 243. “thou hast been r. honest,” Ant. IV, 2, 11.
4) exactly: “digest things r. touching the weal o' the common,” Cor. I, 1, 154. “if you consider r. of the matter,” Caes. III, 2, 114. “to-morrow I shall be furnished to inform you r.” Ant. I, 4, 77. “that I was shipped at sea, I well remember, but whether there delivered, I cannot r. say,” Per. III, 4, 8.
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