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Round, adj. 1) circular: “r. enchanting pits,” Ven. 247. “a great r. beard,” Wiv. I, 4, 20. “at the r. table,” H4B II, 1, 95. “the r. nave,” Hml. II, 2, 518. “her face . . . is't long or r.?” Ant. III, 3, 32. Ant. III, 3, 32
2) spherical: r. rising hillocks (the breasts) Ven. 237; cf. Lucr. 441. these six dry, r., old, withered knights (viz apple-johns) H4B II, 4, 8. “a r. little worm,” Rom. I, 4, 65. “the r. world,” Ant. V, 1, 15. Used of tears, drops of blood, and pearls: Ven. 1170. Lucr. 1553. Mids. IV, 1, 59. As II, 1, 38.
3) big, bulky (of things); corpulent, fleshy, plump (of men and animals): “a r. hose,” Gent. II, 7, 55. “he bought his r. hose in France,” Merch. I, 2, 80 (round swelling breeches, trunk hose). I'll wear a boot, to make it (my leg) “somewhat --er,” Gent. V, 2, 6. “their r. haunches,” As II, 1, 25. “the justice, in fair r. belly,” II, 7, 154. H4B I, 2, 212. “you whoreson r. man,” H4A II, 4, 155 (Qq round-man).
4) full, large: “'tis a good r. sum,” Merch. I, 3, 104. “I'll on your heads clap r. fines,” H8 V, 4, 84.
5) plain, fair, honest: “I will a r. unvarnished tale deliver,” Oth. I, 3, 90. “but in our orbs we'll live so r. and safe,” Per. I, 2, 122 (teres atque rotundus). Particularly == plain-spoken, unceremonious: “your reproof is something too r.” H5 IV, 1, 216. to be round with == to speak freely with: “am I so r. with you as you with me, that like a foot-ball you do spurn me thus,” Err. II, 1, 82. “I must be r. with you,” Tw. II, 3, 102. Tim. II, 2, 8. Hml. III, 1, 191. III, 4, 5. “he answered me in the --est manner he would not,” Lr. I, 4, 58.
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