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Reap, to cut down and gather (corn at harvest); absol.: As III, 2, 113. Ant. V, 2, 88. Trans.: Meas. IV, 1, 76. LLL IV, 3, 383. H4A I, 3, 34 (his chin new --ed, i. e. shorn). “to r. a harvest:” Sonn. 128, 7. As III, 5, 103. H6B III, 1, 381. R3 II, 2, 116. V, 2, 15. Metaphorically, == to gather, to obtain, to earn: “r. thanks,” All's II, 1, 150. “when wit and youth is come to harvest, your wife is like to r. a proper man,” Tw. III, 1, 144. “little vantage shall I r.” R2 I, 3, 218. “such comfort as now I r. at thy too cruel hand,” H6C I, 4, 166. “of our labours thou shalt r. the gain,” V, 7, 20. “the benefit which thou shalt thereby r.” Cor. V, 3, 143. “to r. the fame,” V, 6, 36. “this is a thing which you might from relation likewise r.” Cymb. II, 4, 86 (== hear, learn). In a bad sense: “what sudden anger's this? how have I --ed it?” H8 III, 2, 204.
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