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Record, vb. 1) to set down in writing, to register: “I, now the voice of the --ed law,” Meas. II, 4, 61. “r. it with your high and worthy deeds,” Ado V, 1, 278. “those statutes that are --ed in this schedule,” LLL I, 1, 18. “'twill be --ed for a precedent,” Merch. IV, 1, 220. “that he do r. a gift, here in the court, of all he dies possessed,” Merch. IV, 1, 220 “Froissart --s, England all Olivers and Rowlands bred,” H6A I, 2, 29. “made him my book wherein my soul --ed the history of all her secret thoughts,” R3 III, 5, 27. “to the last syllable of --ed time,” Mcb. V, 5, 21. “and have our two wagers --ed,” Cymb. I, 4, 181.
2) to witness: “how proud I am of thee and of thy gifts, Rome shall r.” Tit. I, 255. “let me be --ed by the righteous gods, I am as poor as you,” Tim. IV, 2, 4 (== I take the gods to witness).
3) to sing; used of the nightingale: “here can I to the nightingale's complaining notes tune my distresses and r. my woes,” Gent. V, 4, 6. made the night-bird mute, that still --s with moan, Per. IV Prol. 27.
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