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Share, vb. 1) to divide in portions: “let us s.” H4A II, 2, 104. II, 4, 199. “while all is --d and all is borne away,” H6B I, 1, 228. R3 I, 3, 159. “the latest of my wealth I'll s. amongst you,” Tim. IV, 2, 23.
2) to partake of, to enjoy or suffer in common with others; absol.: “didst not thou s.?” Wiv. II, 2, 14. Trans.: Sonn. 47, 8. Wiv. III, 2, 40. Mids. III, 2, 198. As V, 4, 180. All's II, 1, 3. R2 II, 1, 273. Rom. I, 3, 93. Tim. I, 1, 263 (we'll s. a bounteous time in pleasures). Caes. IV, 1, 15. Mcb. IV, 3, 198. to s. sth. with == to enjoy or suffer in common with: “such gifts that heaven shall s. with you,” Meas. II, 2, 147. Troil. I, 3, 368. II, 3, 178. Oth. III, 4, 95. Intr., with in: “every one shall s. in the gains,” Mcb. IV, 1, 40. “there is an art which in their piedness --s with great creating nature,” Wint. IV, 4, 87 (which contributes as much as nature to make them pied).
3) to receive as one's portion, to experience, to enjoy or suffer: “many Trojan mothers, --ing joy to see their youthful sons bright weapons wield,” Lucr. 1431. “my part of death, no one so true did s. it,” Tw. II, 4, 59. “the least of you shall s. his part thereof,” R3 V, 3, 268. “that book in many's eyes doth s. the glory, that in gold clasps locks in the golden story,” Rom. I, 3, 91. With from, == to receive from, to gain from or at the expense of: “I would not lose so great an honour as one man more would s. from me,” H5 IV, 3, 32. “what glory our Achilles --s from Hector,” Troil. I, 3, 367. Absol., with with, == to go even with, to be as great as, to equal: “and thy goodness s. with thy birthright,” All's I, 1, 73. “think not to s. with me in glory any more,” H4A V, 4, 64. cf. Wint. IV, 4, 87.
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