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She (apostrophized in John III, 1, 56: sh' adulterates hourly; M. Edd. she adulterates), fem. pers. pron.; obj. case “her:” Ven. 7. Ven. 7 Ven. 7 Ven. 7 Ven. 7 41 etc. Ven. 7 Ven. 7 Ven. 7 307 etc. “poor she,” Lucr. 1674. Demonstratively: “mastering her that foiled the god of fight,” Ven. 114. “where is she so fair whose womb disdains thy husbandry?” Sonn. 3, 5. “she that you gaze on so,” Gent. II, 1, 46. “she that hath love's wings to fly,” II, 7, 11. “I come to her in white,” Wiv. V, 2, 6. V, 5, 209. “fetch forth the lazar kite of Cressid's kind, Doll Tearsheet she by name,” H5 II, 1, 81. “cast from her his dearest one,” Cymb. V, 4, 61 etc. Reflexively: “my Muse holds her still,” Sonn. 85, 1. “she opposes her against my will,” Gent. III, 2, 26. “there will she hide her,” Ado III, 1, 11. “bid Bianca make her ready,” Shr. IV, 4, 63. “arms her with the boldness of a wife,” Wint. I, 2, 184. “bowed her to the people,” H8 IV, 1, 85. “doth she not count her blest,” Rom. III, 5, 144 etc. she for her: for “she that was thy Lucrece,” Lucr. 1682. Tp. III, 2, 109. “detest myself also as well as she,” Meas. II, 1, 76 (Elbow's speech). “she should this Angelo have married,” III, 1, 221. “but she I can hook to me,” Wint. II, 3, 6. “for she that scorned at me, now scorned of me,” R3 IV, 4, 102 (Qq one). “praise him that got thee, she that gave thee suck,” Troil. II, 3, 252. “the earth hath swallowed all my hopes but she,” Rom. I, 2, 14. “you have seen Cassio and she together,” Oth. IV, 2, 3. “so saucy with the hand of she here,” Ant. III, 13, 98. her for “she? her I love now doth grace for grace and love for love allow,” Rom. II, 3, 85 (but perhaps who omitted before doth).
Substantively, == 1) woman: “I think my love as rare as any she belied with false compare,” Sonn. 130, 14. “you are the cruellest she alive,” Tw. I, 5, 259. “if I spared any that had a head to hit, either young or old, he or she, cuckold or cuckold-maker,” H8 V, 4, 25. “that she beloved knows nought that knows not this,” Troil. I, 2, 314. “that she was never yet that ever knew love got so sweet as when desire did sue,” Troil. I, 2, 314 “the shes of Italy should not betray mine interest,” Cymb. I, 3, 29. “apes and monkeys 'twixt two such shes would chatter this way,” I, 6, 40. “Doctor She,” All's II, 1, 82. “I love thee not a jar o'the clock behind what lady she her lord,” Wint. I, 2, 44 (i. e. a woman that is a lady). 2) mistress: “the ladies did change favours, and then we, following the signs, wooed but the sign of she,” LLL V, 2, 469. “the fair, the chaste and unexpressive she,” As III, 2, 10. “I was wont to load my she with knacks,” Wint. IV, 4, 360. “I have and I will hold the quondam Quickly for the only she,” H5 II, 1, 83.
Adjectively, == female: “a she angel,” Wint. IV, 4, 211. “the she bear,” Merch. II, 1, 29. “put stuff to some she beggar,” Tim. IV, 3, 273. “you she foxes,” Lr. III, 6, 24. “a she lamb,” As III, 2, 86. “my good she Mercury,” Wiv. II, 2, 82. “you she knight errant,” H4B V, 4, 25. “she wolf of France,” H6C I, 4, 111.
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