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Shorten, 1) to make short in measure, extent or time: Ado III, 2, 106. R2 I, 3, 227. H6A V, 4, 58. Hml. V, 1, 22. The measure by which something is diminished expressed by an accus.: “I can but s. thy life one week,” Wint. IV, 4, 433. “to s. you your whole head's length,” R2 III, 3, 13. “God s. Harry's happy life one day,” H4B V, 2, 145. “the --ing of my life one day,” H6A IV, 6, 37. Hence == to deduct, to strike off: “he --s four years of my son's exile,” R2 I, 3, 217. With up == to cramp together (so that free motion is hindered): “s. up their sinews with aged cramps,” Tp. IV, 260.
2) to make to fall short, to make to fail, to prejudice: “by the discovery we shall be --ed in our aim,” Cor. I, 2, 23. “to be known --s my made intent,” Lr. IV, 7, 9.
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