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Shrink (impf. and partic. shrunk) 1) to contract itself, to shrivel, to dry up: wanting the spring that those shrunk pipes (the veins) “had fed,” Lucr. 1455. “his shrunk shank,” As II, 7, 161. “a shrunk panel,” III, 3, 89. “against this fire do I s. up,” John V, 7, 34. “ill-weaved ambition, how much art thou shrunk,” H4A V, 4, 88. “in this borrowed likeness of shrunk death,” Rom. IV, 1, 104. “Timon is shrunk indeed,” Tim. III, 2, 68 (== brought low). “are all thy conquests . . . shrunk to this little measure?” Caes. III, 1, 150. cf. Custom-shrunk.
Transitively, == to wither: “to s. mine arm up like a withered shrub,” H6C III, 2, 156.
2) to shiver with cold; to shudder, to quake with fear: “till I s. with cold,” As II, 1, 9. “to be still hot summer's tanlings and the --ing slaves of winter,” Cymb. IV, 4, 30. “makes me with heavy nothing faint and s.” R2 II, 2, 32. “he shall s. under my courtesy,” H4A V, 2, 75. “not fearing death, nor --ing for distress,” H6A IV, 1, 37. “when he perceived me s. and on my knee,” IV, 7, 5. “as if his foot were on brave Hector's breast, and great Troy --ing,” Troil. III, 3, 141 (Q shriking, some M. Edd. shrieking). “the ground --s before his treading,” Cor. V, 4, 20.
3) to recoil, to fall back with fear: “the snail, whose tender horns being hit, --s backward,” Ven. 1034. “if there be ten, s. not,” Gent. IV, 1, 2. “when the bravest questant --s, find what you seek,” All's II, 1, 16. “if the first hour I s. and run away,” H6A IV, 5, 31. “at the sound it shrunk in haste away,” Hml. I, 2, 219. Without away, in the same sense as in Hml.: “that this sight should make so deep a wound, and yet detested life not s. thereat,” Tit. III, 1, 248.
4) With from, == to forsake, to leave in distress: “friends for fear, which in his greatest need will s. from him,” R3 V, 2, 21 (Ff fly). “if any mean to s. from me,” V, 3, 222. “will find a friend will not s. from him,” H8 IV, 1, 107. “his estate --s from him,” Tim. III, 2, 7.
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