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Since, prepos., adv. and conj.; 1) ever from the time of, after; f. i.: “not s. widow Dido's time,” Tp. II, 1, 76. “s. his exile she hath despised me most,” Gent. III, 2, 3. “s. the mortal and intestine jars,” Err. I, 1, 11. “s. Pentecost the sum is due,” IV, 1, 1. “never s. the middle summer's spring met we on hill,” Mids. II, 1, 83. “s. death of my dearest mother it did not speak before,” Cymb. IV, 2, 190. Peculiar passage: “s. night you loved me, yet s. night you left me,” Mids. III, 2, 275 (== it is no longer than last night that you loved me; or transposed: a night since, i. e. a night ago).
2) from the time when; f. i.: “love to heaven is fled, s. sweating lust on earth usurped his name,” Ven. 794. “nature cares not for thy vigour, s. her best work is ruined,” Ven. 794 “which I made with mine own hands, s. I was cast ashore,” Tp. II, 2, 129. “s. they did plot the means . . . her company I have forsworn,” IV, 88. “s. I saw thee, the affliction of my mind amends,” V, 114. “all this service have I done s. I went,” V, 114 “I have been in such a pickle s. I saw you last,” V, 114 “s. she did neglect her looking-glass, the air hath starved the roses in her cheeks,” Gent. IV, 4, 157. “I never prospered s. I forswore myself at primero,” Wiv. IV, 5, 103. “I could not speak with Dromio s. at first I sent him from the mart,” Err. II, 2, 5. Err. II, 2, 5 “how long is it s. the physician died,” All's I, 2, 70. “s. the youth of the count's was to-day with my lady, she is much out of quiet,” Tw. II, 3, 143. “I was not angry s. I came to France until this instant,” H5 IV, 7, 58. With another conjunction: “they have been grand-jurymen s. before Noah was a sailor,” Tw. III, 2, 18. s. that == since: “the jealous o'erworn widow and herself, s. that our brother dubbed them gentlewomen, are mighty gossips in this monarchy,” R3 I, 1, 82.
3) as, seeing that; f. i.: “s. I have hemmed thee here . . . I'll be a park,” Ven. 229. “why not lips on lips, s. eyes in eyes?” Ven. 229 Ven. 229 “s. thou art dead, lo, here I prophesy,” Ven. 229 Ven. 229 “s. thou dost give me pains, let me remember thee what thou hast promised,” Tp. I, 2, 242. “no matter, s. they have left their viands behind,” III, 3, 40. III, 3, 40 V, 168. Epil. V, 168 Gent. I, 1, 9. I, 2, 55. II, 1, 129. IV, 2, 124. IV, 2, 124 Meas. I, 1, 5. Err. III, 1, 120. s. that, in the same sense (cf. That): “I force not argument a straw, s. that my case is past the help of law,” Lucr. 1022. “thou canst not vex me with inconstant mind, s. that my life on thy revolt doth lie,” Sonn. 92, 10. “s. that my beauty cannot please his eye, I'll weep what's left away,” Err. II, 1, 114. Merch. III, 3, 30. As III, 5, 94. H5 IV, 1, 321. R3 V, 3, 202. Cor. III, 2, 50. V, 3, 98. Mcb. IV, 3, 106. Lr. I, 1, 251.
4) after that time, from then till now; f. i.: “stuffs and necessaries, which s. have steaded much,” Tp. I, 2, 165. “mine eyes, never s. at ebb,” Tp. I, 2, 165 “I cannot abide the smell of hot meat s.” Wiv. I, 1, 297. “and s. I have not much importuned you,” Err. IV, 1, 2. “my bones bear witness, that s. have felt the vigour of his rage,” IV, 4, 81. “my desires e'er s. pursue me,” Tw. I, 1, 23. “Saint George, that swinged the dragon, and e'er s. sits on his horse,” John II, 288. “who s. I heard to be discomfited,” H6B V, 1, 63. “is fled, as he hears s., to Burgundy,” H6C IV, 6, 79. “and s., methinks, I would not grow so fast,” R3 II, 4, 14. “which s. succeeding ages have reedified,” III, 1, 71. “and s. too, murders have been performed,” Mcb. III, 4, 77. “brought up with him, and s. so neighboured to his youth,” Hml. II, 2, 12 (Qq sith). “I did not see him s.” Ant. I, 3, 1.
5) ago (transitional use: “it is but eight years s. this Percy was the man nearest my soul,” H4B III, 1, 60. “how long is it s. the physician died?” All's I, 2, 70); f. i.: “twelve year s. thy father was the duke of Milan,” Tp. I, 2, 53. how thou hast met us here, who three hours s. “were wrecked upon this shore,” V, 136. “our ship which, but three glasses s., we gave out split,” V, 136 “he promised to meet me two hours s.” Meas. I, 2, 76. “five years s. there was some speech of marriage,” V, 217. “not half an hour s.” Err. II, 2, 14. “I gave it you half an hour s.” IV, 1, 65. IV, 3, 38. “but seven years s. thou knowest we parted,” V, 320. “I told your lordship a year s.” Ado II, 2, 12. “the world was very guilty of such a ballad some three ages s.” LLL I, 2, 117. “some six months s.” All's I, 2, 71. “his wife some two months s. fled from his house,” IV, 3, 57. “a count that died some twelvemonth s.” Tw. I, 2, 37. “posts are come an hour s.” Wint. II, 3, 195. “who half an hour s. came from the Dauphin,” John V, 7, 83. “who two hours s. I met in travel,” H6A IV, 3, 35. “whom I some three months s. stabbed,” R3 I, 2, 241. “else had I half an hour s. brought my report,” Cor. I, 6, 21. “how long is 't s.?” I, 6, 14. “how long is that s.?” Hml. V, 1, 158. long s. == a) long ago: “long s. thy husband served me in my wars,” Err. V, 161. “for the service that long s. I did thee, now grant me justice,” Err. V, 161 Joined to substantives, == long past: “what canst thou boast of things long s.” Ven. 1078. “what wealth she had in days long s.” Sonn. 67, 14. b) since a long time, already a long time: “and weep afresh love's long s. cancelled woe,” Sonn. 30, 7. “she and I, long s. contracted, are now so sure,” Wiv. V, 5, 236. “long s. we were resolved of your truth, yet never have you tasted our reward,” H6A III, 4, 20.
6) when (after verbs denoting recollection): “thou rememberest s. once I sat upon a promontory, and heard a mermaid on a dolphin's back,” Mids. II, 1, 149. “this fellow I remember, s. once he played a farmer's eldest son,” Shr. Ind. 1, 84. “remember s. you owed no more to time than I do now,” Wint. V, 1, 219. “do you remember s. we lay all night in the windmill in Saint George's field?” H4B III, 2, 206. “we know the time s. he was mild and affable,” H6B III, 1, 9.
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