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Space, 1) room, extent: “despite of s. I would be brought where thou dost stay,” Sonn. 44, 3. “vow, bond, nor s., in thee hath neither sting, knot, nor confine,” Compl. 264. “distance and no s. was seen 'twixt the turtle and his queen,” Phoen. 30. “s. enough have I in such a prison,” Tp. I, 2, 492. II, 1, 257. “with blank s. for different names,” Wiv. II, 1, 77. “the mightiest s. in fortune nature brings to join like likes,” All's I, 1, 237 (== the mightiest distance; cf. above: Phoen. 30). “for her whom, we know well, the world's large --s cannot parallel,” Troil. II, 2, 162. “no s. of earth shall sunder our two hates,” V, 10, 27. “sell the mighty s. of our large honours for so much trash as may be grasped thus,” Caes. IV, 3, 25. “for the whole s. that's in the tyrant's grasp, and the rich East to boot,” Mcb. IV, 3, 36. “a king of infinite s.” Hml. II, 2, 261. “dearer than eyesight, s. and liberty,” Lr. I, 1, 57. “no less in s.” Lr. I, 1, 57 “O undistinguished s. of woman's will,” IV, 6, 278. “here is my s.” Ant. I, 1, 34. “make s. enough between you,” II, 3, 23. “the diminution of s.” Cymb. I, 3, 19.
2) time: “counterfeits to die with her a s.” Lucr. 1776 (== some time). “within which s. she died,” Tp. I, 2, 279. All's II, 1, 162. H4A III, 1, 89. “for three years' s.” LLL I, 1, 52. LLL I, 1, 52 H6B III, 2, 295. “after some small s. he sent me hither,” As IV, 3, 152. “the solemn feast shall more attend upon the coming s.” All's II, 3, 188. “thou art granted s.” IV, 1, 98. “in short s.” H4A V, 1, 46. “in so short a s.” R3 IV, 1, 79 (Ff so small a time). “tomorrow, or at further s.” Lr. V, 3, 53. “'tis a s. for further travel,” Ant. II, 1, 31. “if you require a little s. for prayer,” Per. IV, 1, 68.
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