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Stand, subst. 1) a stop, a halt: “make a mutual s.” Merch. V, 77. “all and every part of what we would doth make a s. at what your highness will,” John IV, 2, 39. “a stride and a s.” Troil. III, 3, 252. “the measure done, I'll watch her place of s.” Rom. I, 5, 52.
2) opposition, resistance: “neither foolish in our --s, nor cowardly in retire,” Cor. I, 6, 2. “where they made the s.” Cymb. V, 3, 1.
3) place where one stands, mostly for the purpose of waiting or watching; station: “I have found you out a s. most fit,” Meas. IV, 6, 10. “a s. where you may make the fairest shoot,” LLL IV, 1, 10. “to make one's s.” Lucr. 438. H6C III, 1, 3. “to make s.” Merch. II, 6, 2 (Ff a s.). “to take one's s.” Pilgr. 121. H6C IV, 3, 1. H8 IV, 1, 2. Caes. II, 4, 25. Oth. V, 1, 7. Cymb. III, 4, 111. “to take s.” H5 IV, 2, 31. “to take a special s.” Wiv. V, 5, 248. Particularly applied to the station of huntsmen waiting for game (Wiv. V, 5, 248. LLL IV, 1, 10. H6C III, 1, 3. Cymb. III, 4, 111): “yield up their deer to the s. of the stealer,” Cymb. II, 3, 75.
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