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Step, vb. 1) to tread: “as your feet hit the ground they s. on,” Tw. III, 4, 306.
2) to make some steps; to go a little distance and with a limited purpose: who sees the <*>rking serpent --s aside, Lucr. 362. “he --s me to her trencher,” Gent. IV, 4, 9. “s. into the chamber,” Wiv. IV, 2, 11. “now s. I forth to whip hypocrisy,” LLL IV, 3, 151. “deadly divorce s. between me and you,” All's V, 3, 319. “s. forth mine advocate,” Wint. V, 1, 221. “none so small advantage shall s. forth to check his reign,” John III, 4, 151. “let's s. into the shadow,” R2 III, 4, 25. “s. aside,” H4A II, 4, 36. “--ed forth before the king,” V, 2, 46. “--s me a little higher,” IV, 3, 75. “to s. out of these dreary dumps,” Tit. I, 391. “s. aside,” Rom. I, 1, 162. “by whose death he's --ed into a great estate,” Tim. II, 2, 232. “who, in hot blood, hath --ed into the law, which is past depth to those,” III, 5, 12. “what judgement would s. from this to this?” Hml. III, 4, 71. “s. between her and her fighting soul,” Hml. III, 4, 71 “this gentleman --s in to Cassio and entreats his pause,” Oth. II, 3, 229. “s. you forth,” Cymb. V, 5, 130.
Scarcely to be distinguished from to go, to walk, to march: “since we are --ed thus far in,” Shr. I, 2, 83. “wherein we s. after a stranger,” John V, 2, 27. “we should not s. too far,” H4B I, 3, 20. “if well, he --ed before me, happily for my example,” H8 IV, 2, 10. “not --ing o'er the bounds of modesty,” Rom. IV, 2, 27. “I am in blood --ed in so far,” Mcb. III, 4, 137. “whose naked breast --ed before targes of proof,” Cymb. V, 5, 5.
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