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Stick, vb. (impf. and partic. stuck) 1) tr. a) to stab, to pierce: “you were best s. her,” Gent. I, 1, 108 (== kill, slay; quibbling). “to s. the heart of falsehood,” Troil. III, 2, 202.
b) to thrust in: “thou --est a dagger in me,” Merch. III, 1, 115. “in his anointed flesh s. boarish fangs,” Lr. III, 7, 58 (Qq rash).
c) to fix by piercing: “a codpiece to s. pins on,” Gent. II, 7, 56. “s. it in thy cap,” H5 IV, 7, 161.
d) to fasten, to attach in any manner: to s. it (the rod) “in their children's sight,” Meas. I, 3, 25. “with two pitch-balls stuck in her face for eyes,” LLL III, 199. “s. musk-roses in thy sleek smooth head,” Mids. IV, 1, 3. he stuck them (wands) “up before the fulsome ewes,” Merch. I, 3, 87. “a thing stuck on with oaths upon your finger,” V, 168. “in mine ear I durst not s. a rose,” John I, 142. “s. your rosemary on this fair corse,” Rom. IV, 5, 79.
e) to fix, to place, to settle: “millions of false eyes are stuck upon thee,” Meas. IV, 1, 61. “I stuck my choice upon her,” All's V, 3, 45. “that he might s. the smallest opinion on my least misuse,” Oth. IV, 2, 108. “we must not rend our subjects from our laws, and s. them in our will,” H8 I, 2, 94.
f) Followed by with, == to set with, to furnish or adorn with on the surface: “a lemon stuck with cloves,” LLL V, 2, 654. “my shroud of white, stuck all with yew,” Tw. II, 4, 56. “stuck and spangled with your flatteries,” Tim. III, 6, 101. Similarly: “suspicion all our lives shall be stuck full of eyes,” H4A V, 2, 8.
2) intr. a) to be fastened to something by piercing, or by cleaving to the surface, or by adhering in any manner): “the green plum --s fast,” Ven. 527. “Lucretia's glove, wherein her needle --s,” Lucr. 317. “a born devil, on whose nature nurture can never s.” Tp. IV, 189. “I am a kind of burr; I shall s.” Meas. IV, 3, 190. “there stuck no plume in any English crest,” John II, 317. on “the sheets his hair is --ing,” H6B III, 2, 174. “they are burrs; they'll s. where they are thrown,” Troil. III, 2, 120. “wherein thou --est up to the ears,” Rom. I, 4, 42. “when every feather --s in his own wing,” Tim. II, 1, 30. “Amen stuck in my throat,” Mcb. II, 2, 33. “his secret murders --ing on his hands,” V, 2, 17. “which now, like fruit unripe, --s on the tree,” Hml. III, 2, 200. “the slime that --s on filthy deeds,” Oth. V, 2, 149.
b) to be fixed, not to move: “that thou mayst s. i' the wars like a great sea-mark,” Cor. V, 3, 73. “his sword seemed in the air to s.” Hml. II, 2, 501.
c) to adhere; in a moral sense: “--ing together in calamity,” John III, 4, 67. “the knave will s. by thee,” H4B V, 3, 70 (i. e. thou wilt ever be a knave). “constantly thou hast stuck to the bare fortune of that beggar,” Cymb. III, 5, 119. “s. to your journal course,” IV, 2, 10.
d) to be fixed; in a moral sense: “so deep --s it in my penitent heart,” Meas. V, 480. “my father's rough and envious disposition --s me at heart,” As I, 2, 254.* “this drum --s sorely in your disposition,” All's III, 6, 46. “our fears in Banquo s. deep,” Mcb. III, 1, 50. “this avarice --s deeper, grows with more pernicious root than lust,” IV, 3, 85. “his speech --s in my heart,” Ant. I, 5, 41.
e) to be placed, to be set, to be settled: “maidens' eyes stuck over all his face,” Compl. 81; “the mouths, the tongues, the eyes and hearts of men . . . that numberless upon me stuck as leaves do on the oak,” Tim. IV, 3, 263; “opinion that so --s on Marcius,” Cor. I, 1, 275. “all their other senses stuck in ears,” Wint. IV, 4, 621. “a' saw a flea s. upon Bardolph's nose,” H5 II, 3, 43. it (honour) “stuck upon him as the sun in the grey vault of heaven,” H4B II, 3, 18. therein (in his face) “stuck a sun and moon,” Ant. V, 2, 79. With off, == to be set off, to be prominent: “your skill shall, like a star, s. fiery off,” Hml. V, 2, 268.
f) to hesitate, to scruple (always followed by an inf.): “'gainst thyself thou --est not to conspire,” Sonn. 10, 6. “she will not s. to round me i' the ear,” Pilgr. 349. H4B I, 2, 26. H8 II, 2, 127. Cor. II, 3, 17. Hml. IV, 5, 93.
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