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Strongly, 1) firmly, in such a manner as not easily to be shaken or removed: “thy merit hath my duty s. knit,” Sonn. 26, 2. “you are so s. in my purpose bred,” 112, 13. “I am affianced this man's wife as s. as words could make up vows,” Meas. V, 227.
2) with great force and power, in such a manner as not easily to be forced or resisted: “too s. embattled against me,” Wiv. II, 2, 260. “s. guarded,” John III, 3, 2. “who s. hath set footing in this land,” R2 II, 2, 48. “look you s. arm to meet him,” H5 II, 4, 49. “fortify it s. 'gainst the French,” III, 3, 53. “'tis s. wedged up in a blockhead,” Cor. II, 3, 30. “Dunsinane he s. fortifies,” Mcb. V, 2, 12.
3) with energy; forcibly: “our late edict shall s. stand in force,” LLL I, 1, 11. “which each to other hath so s. sworn,” LLL I, 1, 11 “which was so s. urged past my defence,” John I, 258. “we all have s. sworn to give him aid,” R2 II, 3, 150. “delivered s. through my fixed teeth,” H6B III, 2, 313. “all these accused him s.” H8 II, 1, 24. “she for him pleads s. to the Moor,” Oth. II, 3, 361. “do s. speak to us,” Ant. I, 2, 188. “this will witness outwardly, as s. as the conscience does within,” Cymb. II, 2, 36. 'tis “not sleepy business, but must be looked to speedily and s.” III, 5, 27.
4) in a high degree, much, violently: “what did he note but s. he desired?” Lucr. 415. “some passion that works him s.” Tp. IV, 144. “your charm so s. works 'em,” V, 17. “which appears most s. in bearing thus the absence of your lord,” Merch. III, 4, 3. “if it smell so s.” All's V, 2, 8 (cf. All's V, 2, 8). “possessed with fear so s. that they dare not meet each other,” H4A II, 2, 113. “though s. apprehended,” H4B I, 1, 176. “'twill stir him s.” H8 III, 2, 218. “to satisfy my remembrance the more s.” Mcb. V, 1, 38. “suspects, yet s. loves,” Oth. III, 3, 170 (Ff soundly).
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