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Stubborn, 1) stiff, hard, not flexible: “are you more s. hard than hammered iron?” John IV, 1, 67 (M. Edd. stubborn-hard). “stop their mouths with s. bits,” H8 V, 3, 23. “his s. buckles, with these your white enchanting fingers touched, shall more obey than to the edge of steel,” Troil. III, 1, 163. “bow, s. knees,” Hml. III, 3, 70.
2) unreasonably obstinate, contumacious, headstrong: “proud, disobedient, s., lacking duty,” Gent. III, 1, 69. “turned her obedience to s. harshness,” Mids. I, 1, 38. “leaving his wealth and ease, a s. will to please,” As II, 5, 55. “the queen is obstinate, s. to justice,” H8 II, 4, 122. to s. spirits they (the hearts of princes) “swell,” III, 1, 163. “your s. answer about the giving back the great seal,” III, 2, 346. “as she is s., chaste against all suit,” Troil. I, 1, 100 (M. Edd. stubborn-chaste).
3) rough, rude, rugged, harsh: “I fear these s. lines lack power to move,” LLL IV, 3, 55. “that I may appear s. to him,” Tw. III, 4, 74. “upon some s. and uncourteous parts,” V, 369. “though authority be a s. bear,” Wint. IV, 4, 832. “your s. usage of the pope,” John V, 1, 18. “created with a s. outside,” H5 V, 2, 244. “this s. Cade,” H6B III, 1, 360. “you bear too s. and too strange a hand over your friend,” Caes. I, 2, 35. “you s. ancient knave, you reverend braggart,” Lr. II, 2, 133. “to slubber the gloss of your new fortunes with this more s. and boisterous expedition,” Oth. I, 3, 228.
4) ruthless, insensible: “thou art said to have a s. soul, that apprehends no further than this world,” Meas. V, 485. “pluck commiseration from s. Turks and Tartars,” Merch. IV, 1, 32. “it is the --est young fellow of France,” As I, 1, 148. “the sepulchre in s. Jewry,” R2 II, 1, 55. “free from a s. opposite intent,” H6B III, 2, 251. “do not give advantage to s. critics, apt, without a theme, for depravation,” Troil. V, 2, 131.
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