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Stuff, subst. 1) that of which a thing is made; materials: “we are such s. as dreams are made on,” Tp. IV, 156. “nature never framed a woman's heart of prouder s.” Ado III, 1, 50. “what s. 'tis made of,” Merch. I, 1, 4. “ambition should be made of sterner s.” Caes. III, 2, 97. “if it be made of penetrable s.” Hml. III, 4, 36. “that we are made of s. so flat and dull,” IV, 7, 31. “nature wants s. to vie strange forms with fancy,” Ant. V, 2, 97. “great nature moulded the s. so fair,” Cymb. V, 4, 49. Specially, == cloth, texture of any kind: “I gave him the s.” Shr. IV, 3, 119. “what s. wilt have a kirtle of?” H4B II, 4, 297.
2) matter, substance, thing; in a physical sense: “he'll make us strange s.” Tp. IV, 234. “I never knew man hold vile s. so dear,” LLL IV, 3, 276. “youth's a s. will not endure,” Tw. II, 3, 53. “there's a whole merchant's venture of Bourdeaux s. in him,” H4B II, 4, 69. “who in spite put s. to some she beggar,” Tim. IV, 3, 272. “cleanse the stuffed bosom of that perilous s.” Mcb. V, 3, 44. “did compound for her a certain s.” Cymb. V, 5, 255 (a potion).
In a moral or intellectual sense: “there's in him s. that puts him to these ends,” H8 I, 1, 58. “you are full of heavenly s.” III, 2, 137. “serves as s. for these two to make paradoxes,” Troil. I, 3, 184. “thy verse swells with s. so fine and smooth,” Tim. V, 1, 87. “there was no such s. in my thoughts,” Hml. II, 2, 324. “yet do I hold it very s. o'the conscience to do no contrived murder,” Oth. I, 2, 2. “I do not think so fair an outward and such s. within endows a man but he,” Cymb. I, 1, 23.
Especially, things spoken or recited: “it is more pleasing s.” Shr. Ind. 2, 142 (i. e. a comedy). Usually in contempt: “what s. is this! how say you?” Tp. II, 1, 254. “O heavens! what s. is here?” Meas. III, 2, 5. “this is the silliest s. that ever I heard,” Mids. V, 212. “such a deal of skimble-skamble s.” H4A III, 1, 154. “here's goodly s. toward,” H4B II, 4, 214. “at this fusty s. . . . Achilles laughs,” Troil. I, 3, 161. “O proper s.!” Mcb. III, 4, 60. “such s. as madmen tongue,” Cymb. V, 4, 146.
3) furniture; goods; utensils: “rich garments, linens, --s and necessaries,” Tp. I, 2, 164. “household s.” Shr. Ind. 2, 143. III, 2, 233. “what masking s. is here?” IV, 3, 87. “his treasure, rich --s, and ornaments of household,” H8 III, 2, 126. “such boiled s. as well might poison poison,” Cymb. I, 6, 125; cf. “the s. we have, a strong wind will blow it to pieces,” Per IV, 2, 19. == luggage: “fetch our s. from thence,” Err. IV, 4, 153. Err. IV, 4, 153 V, 408. V, 408
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