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Supply, vb. 1) to fill (a place): “to s. the places at the table,” Shr. III, 2, 249. “when these sovereign thrones are all --ed,” Tw. I, 1, 38. “the chairs of justice --ed with worthy men,” Cor. III, 3, 35. Particularly applied to places that have become vacant: “our absence to s.” Meas. I, 1, 19. “I fill up a place, which may be better --ed when I have made it empty,” As I, 2, 205. “you shall s. the bridegroom's place,” Shr. III, 2, 251. “thy place . . ., which by thy younger brother is --ed,” H4A III, 2, 33. “instead whereof let this s. the room,” H6C II, 6, 54. “s. his place,” IV, 6, 50. “s. the place,” Lr. IV, 6, 273. “I being absent and my place --ed,” Oth. III, 3, 17.
2) to furnish with what is wanted: “no man will s. thy want,” Pilgr. 410. “to s. the ripe wants of my friend,” Merch. I, 3, 64. “s. your present wants,” Merch. I, 3, 64 “to s. your wants,” R2 I, 4, 51. “a hundred almshouses right well --ed,” H5 I, 1, 17. “an empty box, which . . . I come to entreat your honour to s.” Tim. III, 1, 18. nor has he “with him to s. his life,” IV, 2, 47. “if he care not for't, he will s. us easily,” IV, 3, 407. Followed by with: “s. me with the habit,” Meas. I, 3, 46. “well --ed with noble counsellors,” H5 II, 4, 33. “requesting your lordship to s. his instant use with so many talents,” Tim. III, 2, 40. “s. it with one gender of herbs,” Oth. I, 3, 326. “--est me with the least advantage of hope,” IV, 2, 178. “--ing every stage with an augmented greeting,” Ant. III, 6, 54.
3) to strengthen by additional troops, to succour, to reinforce: “Macdonald . . . from the western isles of kerns and gallowglasses is --ed,” Mcb. I, 2, 13 (of == by).
4) to gratify the desire of, to content: “and did s. thee at thy garden-house,” Meas. V, 212. “knaves be such abroad, who having, by their own importunate suit, or voluntary dotage of some mistress, convinced or --ed them,” Oth. IV, 1, 28.
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