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Swallow, vb. 1) to receive through the gullet into the stomach: “a --ed bait,” Sonn. 129, 7. “had --ed snow-balls for pills,” Wiv. III, 5, 24. LLL III, 15. V, 1, 45. Caes. IV, 3, 156. Hml. IV, 2, 20. Lr. III, 4, 137. Ant. V, 2, 348. Cymb. III, 5, 58. V, 5, 381. Metaphorically: “now s. down that lie,” R2 I, 1, 132 (and try to digest it). “capital crimes, chewed, --ed and digested,” H5 II, 2, 56 (gone through all the stages of concoction). “I'll make thee . . . s. my sword,” H6B IV, 10, 31 (receive it into your body; cf. Eat).
2) to devour, to englut, to engulf; absol.: “what is thy body but a --ing grave, seeming to bury that posterity,” Ven. 757. “a --ing gulf,” Lucr. 557. “the --ing gulf of blind forgetfulness,” R3 III, 7, 128. “the --ing womb of this deep pit,” Tit. II, 3, 239. Trans.: “these lovely caves . . . opened their mouths to s. Venus' liking,” Ven. 248. “they that lose half with greater patience bear it than they whose whole is --ed in confusion,” Lucr. 1159. “ere it should the good ship so have --ed,” Tp. I, 2, 12. “sea-swallowed,” II, 1, 251. “--ed his vows whole,” Meas. III, 1, 235 (retracted, disavowed them; cf. to eat one's word, sub Eat). “--ed with yest and froth,” Wint. III, 3, 94. “with open mouth --ing a tailor's news,” John IV, 2, 195. “being daily --ed by men's eyes, they surfeited with honey,” H4A III, 2, 70. “for fear of --ing,” V, 1, 64. “shall be --ed in this controversy,” H5 II, 4, 109. “for --ing the treasure of the realm,” H6B IV, 1, 74. “may that ground gape and s. me alive,” H6C I, 1, 161. “half our sailors --ed in the flood,” V, 4, 5. “the interview, that --ed so much treasure,” H8 I, 1, 166. “they have --ed one another,” Troil. V, 4, 36. “some envious surge will s. him,” Tit. III, 1, 97. “s. her own increase,” V, 2, 192. “the earth hath --ed all my hopes but she,” Rom. I, 2, 14. “let prisons s. 'em,” Tim. IV, 3, 537. “it engluts and --s other sorrows,” Oth. I, 3, 57. “they've --ed the whole parish,” Per. II, 1, 37. Per. II, 1, 37 “Thetis . . . --ed some part o' the earth,” IV, 4, 39.
With up: “seemed to s. up his sound advice,” Lucr. 1409 (to listen to it eagerly). “the sea whose envious gulf did s. up his life,” H6C V, 6, 25. as thou (the earth) “dost s. up this good king's blood,” R3 I, 2, 66. “blind oblivion --ed cities up,” Troil. III, 2, 194. “though the yesty waves confound and s. navigation up,” Mcb. IV, 1, 54. till that a capable and wide revenge s. them (my thoughts) “up,” Oth. III, 3, 460 (make an end of them).
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