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Sweet, subst. (cf. the last section of the preceding article) 1) anything agreeable and luscious to the taste: “the bottom poison, and the top o'erstrawed with --s,” Ven. 1144. “the --s we wish for turn to loathed sours,” Lucr. 867. “honey, and milk, and sugar; . . . metheglin, wort, and malmsey; . . . there's half a dozen --s,” LLL V, 2, 234. “culling from every flower the virtuous --s,” H4B IV, 5, 76. “let them not lick the s. which is their poison,” Cor. III, 1, 157. “a choking gall and a preserving s.” Rom. I, 1, 200. “have their palates both for s. and sour,” Oth. IV, 3, 96.
2) agreeable smell, perfume: “whence didst thou steal thy s. that smells, if not from my love's breath?” Sonn. 99, 2. “but s. or colour it had stolen from thee,” Sonn. 99, 2
3) any thing pleasing and delightful: “--s with --s war not,” Sonn. 8, 2. “--s and beauties do themselves forsake,” 12, 11. “the wide world and all her fading --s,” 19, 7. “in what --s dost thou thy sins enclose,” 95, 4. “--s grown common lose their dear delight,” 102, 12. “for compound s. forgoing simple savour,” 125, 7. “to be forbod the --s that seem so good,” Compl. 164. “youth so apt to pluck a s.” Pilgr. 240 and LLL IV, 3, 114. “to suck the --s of s. philosophy,” Shr. I, 1, 28. “whose want and whose delay is strewed with --s,” All's II, 4, 45. “the bitter past, more welcome is the s.” V, 3, 334. “then comes in the s. o'the year,” Wint. IV, 3, 3; cf. “now comes in the s. o'the night,” H4B V, 3, 53 (cf. II, 4, 396). “the setting sun, and music at the close, as the last taste of --s, is --est last,” R2 II, 1, 13. “nor with thy --s comfort his ravenous sense,” III, 2, 13. “my unblown flowers, new-appearing --s,” R3 IV, 4, 10. “tempering extremities with extreme s.” Rom. II Chor. Rom. II Chor. “--s to the s.” Hml. V, 1, 266. “melt their --s on blossoming Caesar,” Ant. IV, 12, 22.
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