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Seal, subst. 1) a stamp engraved with some device or inscription, to be imprinted on wax: R3 II, 4, 71. H8 III, 2, 245. Hml. V, 2, 50. the great s. (the principal seal of the kingdom): H8 III, 2, 229. H8 III, 2, 229 H8 III, 2, 229 Figuratively: “pure lips, sweet --s in my soft lips imprinted,” Ven. 511. “set thy s. manual on my wax-red lips,” Ven. 511 “Nature carved thee for her s. and meant thereby thou shouldst print more,” Sonn. 11, 13. “although my s. be stamped in his face,” Tit. IV, 2, 127.
2) the impression thus made in wax and used as a testimony: Meas. IV, 2, 208. Merch. IV, 1, 139. Tw. V, 341. R2 V, 2, 56. Cor. V, 6, 83. Caes. III, 2, 133. “here is your hand and s. for what I did,” John IV, 2, 215. “proceeded under your hands and --s,” H8 II, 4, 222. “here is the will, and under Caesar's s.” Caes. III, 2, 245. to break the s. (== to open a sealed letter): Gent. III, 1, 139. Wint. III, 2, 130. Wint. III, 2, 130 Figuratively: the empress sends it (the child) “thee, thy stamp, thy s.” Tit. IV, 2, 70. “O, could this kiss be printed in thy hand, that thou mightst think upon these by the s.” H6B III, 2, 344.
3) token, proof, testimony: “to stamp the s. of time in aged things,” Lucr. 941. “it is the show and s. of nature's truth,” All's I, 3, 138. “there is my gage, the manual s. of death, that marks thee out for hell,” R2 IV, 25. “a form indeed, where every god did seem to set his s.” Hml. III, 4, 61. “all --s and symbols of redeemed sin,” Oth. II, 3, 350.
4) ratification, confirmation, sanction, pledge: “my kisses, --s of love,” Meas. IV, 1, 6. “my observations, which with experimental s. doth warrant the tenour of my book,” Ado IV, 1, 168. let me kiss (your hand) “this princess of pure white, this s. of bliss,” Mids. III, 2, 144. “this zealous kiss, as s. to this indenture of my love,” John II, 20. “that you should seal this lawless bloody book of forged rebellion with a s. divine,” H4B IV, 1, 92. “beguiling virgins with the broken --s of perjury,” H5 IV, 1, 172. “whom after under the confession's s. he solemnly had sworn that what he spoke my chaplain to no creature living should utter,” H8 I, 2, 164. “to shame the s. of my petition to you in praising her,” Troil. IV, 4, 124 (== to disgrace your granting what I ask by praising her and thus showing that it is not my request but other motives that cause your complaisance. Most M. Edd. preposterously zeal). “how in my words soever she be shent, to give them --s never, my soul, consent,” Hml. III, 2, 417 (i. e. performance). this kingly s. and plighter of high hearts (Cleopatra's hand) Ant. III, 13, 125.
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