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Secret, adj. 1) hidden, concealed, unseen and unknown: “and therein so ensconced his s. evil,” Lucr. 1515. “those s. things,” Wint. IV, 4, 714. “their s. purposes,” V, 1, 36. “some s. place, some reverend room,” R2 V, 6, 25. “that in his s. doom out of my blood he'll breed revengement,” H4A III, 2, 6. “live alone as s. as I may,” H6B IV, 4, 48. “drag her husband to some s. hole,” Tit. II, 3, 129. “the --'st man of blood,” Mcb. III, 4, 126. “have s. feet in some of our best ports,” Lr. III, 1, 32. “to rush into the s. house of death,” Ant. IV, 15, 81.
2) private, confined to the knowledge of one's self: “nor shall he smile at thee in s. thought,” Lucr. 1065. “I have toward heaven breathed a s. vow,” Merch. III, 4, 27. “I have unclasped to thee the book even of my s. soul,” Tw. I, 4, 14. “as s. as maidenhead,” I, 5, 232. “another s. close intent,” R3 I, 1, 158. “the history of all her s. thoughts,” III, 5, 28. “in the s. parts of fortune,” Hml. II, 2, 239.
3) kept from observation, not observed, acting or done underhand: their s. and sudden arrival, Lucr. Arg. Hml. II, 2, 239 “birds never limed no s. bushes fear,” Lucr. 88. “thy s. pleasure turns to open shame,” Lucr. 88 “the s. nameless friend of yours,” Gent. II, 1, 111. “to give me s. harbour,” Meas. I, 3, 4. “put them in s. holds,” IV, 3, 91. “to whom you swore a s. pilgrimage,” Merch. I, 1, 120. “a s. and villanous contriver against me,” As I, 1, 150. “by any s. course,” John III, 1, 178. “unclasp a s. book,” H4A I, 3, 188. “the s. whispers of each other's watch,” H5 IV Chor. H5 IV Chor. H6A I, 4, 10. V, 4, 147. H6B III, 1, 174. III, 2, 31. H6C IV, 5, 9. IV, 6, 83. V, 2, 18. R3 I, 3, 325. Rom. II, 4, 203. Mcb. V, 2, 17.
4) mysterious, occult: “shows whereon the stars in s. influence comment,” Sonn. 15, 4. “rapt in s. studies,” Tp. I, 2, 77. “search out thy wit for s. policies,” H6A III, 3, 12. “if s. powers suggest but truth to my divining thoughts,” H6C IV, 6, 68. “you s., black and midnight hags,” Mcb. IV, 1, 48. “I ever have studied physic, through which s. art . . . I have made familiar to me the blest infusions,” Per. III, 2, 32.
5) discreet, not apt to blab: “if thou yield, I rest thy s. friend,” Lucr. 526. “wherein thou must be s.” Gent. III, 1, 60. “I can be s. as a dumb man,” Ado I, 1, 212. R2 II, 1, 298. Rom. II, 4, 208. Caes. II, 1, 125. Hml. I, 5, 122. III, 4, 214. With to, == keeping the secrets of: “confess to thee that art to me as s. and as dear as Anna to the queen of Carthage was,” Shr. I, 1, 158. “to himself so s. and so close,” Rom. I, 1, 155.
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