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Secure, adj. (as for the accent, see Appendix I, 1, Chang. A.) 1) free from apprehension, careless, unsuspecting, confident: “though Page be a s. fool,” Wiv. II, 1, 241. II, 2, 315. III, 2, 43. “sleep doubtless and s. that Hubert for the wealth of all the world will not offend thee,” John IV, 1, 130. “s. foolhardy king,” R2 V, 3, 43. “proud of their numbers and s. in soul,” H5 IV Chor. H5 IV Chor. “this happy night the Frenchmen are s., having all day caroused,” H6A II, 1, 11. “the wound of peace is surety, surety s.” Troil. II, 2, 15. “upon my s. hour thy uncle stole,” Hml. I, 5, 61. “not jealous nor s.” Oth. III, 3, 198. “to lip a wanton in a s. couch,” IV, 1, 72. Adverbially: “we may do it as s. as sleep,” H4A I, 2, 145. “all which s. and sweetly he enjoys,” H6C II, 5, 50 (the suffix ly belonging to both adverbs).
2) free from danger, safe: “there is scarce truth enough alive to make societies s.” Meas. III, 2, 240. “while thou liest warm at home, s. and safe,” Shr. V, 2, 151. mine (quarter) “was s.” H6A II, 1, 66. “once again we'll sleep s. in Rouen,” III, 2, 19. “no man is s.” R3 I, 1, 71. III, 2, 83. III, 4, 93. Per. I, 1, 95. With “from:” John II, 27. H6C IV, 4, 33. Tit. I, 152. With of: “s. of thunder's crack or lightning flash,” Tit. II, 1, 3.
3) prevented from doing harm: “in iron walls they deemed me not s.” H6A I, 4, 49.
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