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Token, subst. 1) any sign by which something is perceived: “to expound the meaning or moral of his signs and --s,” Shr. IV, 4, 80 (i. e. winks and gestures; cf. Tit. II, 4, 5). “in t. of which duty . . . my hand is ready,” V, 2, 178. “I follow him not by any t. of presumptuous suit,” All's I, 3, 204. “do you not read some --s of my son in the large composition of this man?” John I, 87. “that all their eyes may bear those --s home of our restored love,” H4B IV, 2, 64. “this t. serveth for a flag of truce,” H6A III, 1, 138. “gives t. of a goodly day tomorrow,” R3 V, 3, 21 (Qq signal). “by the same t. you are a bawd,” Troil. I, 2, 307. “in t. of the which my noble steed I give him,” Cor. I, 9, 60. “how with signs and --s she can scrowl,” Tit. II, 4, 5. “when the most mighty gods by --s send such dreadful heralds,” Caes. I, 3, 55. “wounding his belief in her renown with --s thus and thus,” Cymb. V, 5, 203.
2) a sign of infection: “corrupted blood some watery t. shows,” Lucr. 1748. Especially spots indicating the infection of the plague: “you are not free, for the Lord's --s on you do I see,” LLL V, 2, 423 (with a pun on the word. cf. death-token in Troil. II, 3, 187, and tokened).
3) a sign by which one proves the legitimacy of a commission or demand; whether an action or a thing produced: “to pinch her by the hand, and on that t. the maid hath given consent to go with him,” Wiv. IV, 6, 44. “are there no other --s between you 'greed concerning her observance?” Meas. IV, 1, 41. “say, by this t., I desire his company,” IV, 3, 144. “either send the chain or send me by some t.” Err. IV, 1, 56. “by this t. I would relieve her,” All's V, 3, 85 “go by this t.” R3 IV, 2, 80. “send thy t. of reprieve,” Lr. V, 3, 250.
4) a pledge of faith: “give me some t. for the surety of it,” Troil. V, 2, 60. “throw the glove, or any t. of thy honour else,” Tim. V, 4, 50.
5) a pledge or memorial of love or friendship, a love-token, a keepsake: “give her no t. but stones,” Gent. I, 1, 148. “it seems you loved not her, to leave her t.” IV, 4, 79. “gave these --s to us,” LLL V, 2, 424. “promises, enticements, oaths, --s,” All's III, 5, 20. III, 6, 123. V, 3, 68. H6A V, 3, 181 “(loving t.).” H6A V, 3, 181 Troil. I, 2, 306. V, I, 45. Hml. II, 2, 144. Oth. III, 3, 293. III, 4, 181. IV, 1, 159. V, 2, 61. V, 2, 61 Ant. V, 2, 168.
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