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Transport, vb. 1) to bear or carry from one place to another: “the winds which should t. me farthest from your sight,” Sonn. 117, 8. “the scene is now --ed to Southampton,” H5 II Chor. H5 II Chor. “for costs and charges in --ing her,” H6B I, 1, 134. Applied to letters, messages and the like borne or sent: “I shall not need t. my words by you; here comes his grace in person,” R2 II, 3, 81. “a servant --ing a sum of money,” H5 IV, 1, 159. which (conditions of peace) “shall be --ed presently to France,” H6A V, 1, 40. “when I came hither to t. the tidings,” Mcb. IV, 3, 181. “might not you t. her purposes by word?” Lr. IV, 5, 20 (instead of by letter).
2) to bear, to carry: “her ashes . . . --ed shall be at high festivals before the kings and queens of France,” H6A I, 6, 26. “he cannot temperately t. his honours from where he should begin and end,” Cor. II, 1, 240 (== from where he should begin to where he should end. cf. “the gap that we shall make in time, from our hence-going and our return,” Cymb. III, 2, 65). “whose whisper . . . as level as the cannon to his blank, --s his poisoned shot,” Hml. IV, 1, 43. “--ed . . . to the gross clasps of a lascivious Moor,” Oth. I, 1, 125.
3) to remove from this world to the next, to kill (euphemistically): “to t. him in the mind he is were damnable,” Meas. IV, 3, 72. “he cannot be heard of; out of doubt he is --ed,” Mids. IV, 2, 4 (Starveling's speech).
4) to put beside one's self; a) to hurry away by violence of passion: “being --ed by my jealousies to bloody thoughts,” Wint. III, 2, 159. “you are --ed by calamity thither where more attends you,” Cor. I, 1, 77. b) to bear away the soul in ecstasy, to ravish: “being --ed and rapt in secret studies,” Tp. I, 2, 76. “my lord's almost so far --ed that he'll think anon it lives,” Wint. V, 3, 69. “thy letters have --ed me beyond this ignorant present,” Mcb. I, 5, 57. --Lr. I, 4, 242 Ff t., Qq transform.
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