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Thrift, 1) frugality, good husbandry: “t., t., Horatio! the funeral baked meats did coldly furnish forth the marriage tables,” Hml. I, 2, 180.
2) profit, gain: “I am now about no waste, I am about t.” Wiv. I, 3, 47. “French t., you rogues,” Wiv. I, 3, 47* “my bargains and my well-won t.” Merch. I, 3, 51. “t. is blessing, if men steal it not,” Merch. I, 3, 51 “to see alike mine honour as their profits, their own particular --s,” Wint. I, 2, 311. “how, i, the name of t., does he rake this together!” H8 III, 2, 109. “from my first have been inclined to t.” Tim. I, 1, 118. “where t. may follow fawning,” Hml. III, 2, 67. “the instances that second marriage move are base respects of t.” Hml. III, 2, 67
3) success, prosperity in any way: “I have a mind presages me such t.” Merch. I, 1, 175. “you snatch some hence for little faults; that's love, to have them fall no more: you some permit to second ills with ills, each elder worse, and make them dread it, to the doers' t.” Cymb. V, 1, 15 (== to their advantage).
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