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Upright, 1) adj. and adv. (úpright and upríght indiscriminately), straight up, erect: “he rears u.” Ven. 279. “time goes u. with his carriage,” Tp. V, 3 ('brings forward all the expected events, without faltering under his burden'. Steevens). “as u. as the cedar,” LLL IV, 3, 89. “you whoreson u. rabbit,” H4B II, 2, 91. “I have seen him caper u.” H6B III, 1, 365. it (his hair) “stands u.” III, 3, 15. it (the world) “will never stand u.” R3 III, 2, 39. u. he held it (the sceptre) Tit. I, 200. “set them u. at their dear friends' doors,” V, 1, 136. “who dares in purity of manhood stand u. and say,” Tim. IV, 3, 14. “would I not leap u.” Lr. IV, 6, 27 (== straight up. cf. H6B III, 1, 365).
2) adj. (úpright before the subst., upríght behind) righteous, just, honest: “live an u. life,” Merch. III, 5, 79. “O wise and u. judge,” IV, 1, 250. IV, 1, 250 “the unstooping firmness of my u. soul,” R2 I, 1, 121. I, 3, 87. IV, 118. H4B V, 2, 39. H6A III, 1, 95. H6C V, 1, 78. R3 IV, 4, 55. Cymb. V, 5, 214.
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