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Unjust, (once únjust, before a subst.: Gent. IV, 4, 173) 1) not conforming or not conformable to law and justice: Meas. V, 302. Meas. V, 302 H4A I, 3, 173. H6A II, 5, 68. Tit. I, 292. Mcb. IV, 3, 83.
2) not founded in fact, untrue: “they have verified u. things,” Ado V, 1, 223.
3) dishonest: “this is the time that the u. man doth thrive,” Wint. IV, 4, 688. “discarded u. serving-men,” H4A IV, 2, 30.
4) groundless, unjustified: “in this u. divorce of us,” Err. I, 1, 105. “this uncivil and u. extent against thy peace,” Tw. IV, 1, 57. “say my request's u.” Cor. V, 3, 164.
5) faithless, false, perfidious: “and justly thus controls his thoughts u.” Lucr. 189. “foul hope and fond mistrust . . . as servitors to the u.” Lucr. 189 “now I must be as u. to Thurio,” Gent. IV, 2, 2. “our displeasures, to ourselves u., destroy our friends,” All's V, 3, 63. “his honour is as true in this appeal as thou art all u.” R2 IV, 45. “thou art an u. man in saying so,” H4A III, 3, 146. “O passing traitor, perjured and u.” H6C V, 1, 106. “a most u. knave,” Troil. V, 1, 96. Used of faithlessness in love: “wherefore says she not she is u.?” Sonn. 138, 9. “unless thy lady prove u.” Pilgr. 331. “Theseus' perjury and u. flight,” Gent. IV, 4, 173. “his u. unkindness, that in all reason should have quenched her love,” Meas. III, 1, 249.
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