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Violent, adj. 1) forcible, moving or acting with strength, vehement; a) in a physical sense: “the v. roaring tide,” Lucr. 1667. “ride upon the v. speed of fire,” All's III, 2, 112. “he cracks his sides with v. hefts,” Wint. II, 1, 45. “I am scalded with my v. motion,” John V, 7, 49. “v. fires soon burn out themselves,” R2 II, 1, 34. “by v. swiftness,” H8 I, 1, 142. “thy exercise hath been too v.” Cor. I, 5, 16. “upon a wild and v. sea,” Mcb. IV, 2, 21. “make your bouts more v.” Hml. IV, 7, 159. “foul and v. tempest,” Oth. II, 1, 34. “with v. pace,” III, 3, 457. “never was waves nor wind more v.” Per. IV, 1, 60.
b) vehement in a moral sense, fierce, passionate: “thy v. vanities can never last,” Lucr. 894. “to these v. proceedings all my neighbours shall cry aim,” Wiv. III, 2, 44. his unkindness . . . hath made it (her love) “more v. and unruly,” Meas. III, 1, 252. must it (his jealousy) “be v.” Wint. I, 2, 454. “the v. carriage of it,” III, 1, 17. “proud, v., testy magistrates,” Cor. II, 1, 47. “where the disease is v.” III, 1, 222. “the v. fit o'the time,” III, 2, 33. “mature for the v. breaking out,” IV, 3, 27. “these v. delights have v. ends,” Rom. II, 6, 9. “the expedition of my v. love outrun the pauser reason,” Mcb. II, 3, 116. “v. sorrow,” IV, 3, 169. whose (love's) “v. property fordoes itself,” Hml. II, 1, 103. “of v. birth, but poor validity,” III, 2, 199. “the most v. author of his own just remove,” IV, 5, 80. “it was a v. commencement,” Oth. I, 3, 350.
2) enormous, excessive, outrageous: “he and Aufidius can no more atone than --est contrariety,” Cor. IV, 6, 73. “in a v. popular ignorance,” V, 2, 43. “to do upon respect such v. outrage,” Lr. II, 4, 24. “those v. harms that my two sisters have in thy reverence made,” IV, 7, 28.
3) acting, or produced, by force and violence: “some v. hands were laid on Humphrey's life,” H6B III, 2, 138. H6B III, 2, 138 Tit. III, 2, 22. Mcb. V, 8, 70. “v. thefts,” Troil. V, 3, 21. “they have been v. to me and mine,” Tit. V, 2, 109. “a v. death,” H6A V, 4, 64. H6B I, 4, 34. H6B I, 4, 34 Tit. V, 2, 108.
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