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Warm, vb. 1) tr. to heat in a moderate degree (always applied to an influence operating on animal life): Merch. III, 1, 65. Shr. Ind. I, 32. IV, 1, 5. IV, 1, 5 R2 I, 3, 145. III, 2, 131. H4B IV, 3, 111. H4B IV, 3, 111 H6B III, 1, 343. Cor. I, 5, 18. Proverbial: “go to thy cold bed and w. thee,” Shr. Ind. 1, 10. Lr. III, 4, 48 (allusion to a passage in Kyd's Spanish Tragedy).
Metaphorically, == a) to excite to love, to inflame: “that fire which many legions of true hearts had --ed,” Sonn. 154, 6. Compl. 191. Compl. 191 Cymb. II, 5, 12. b) to fire, to animate: “it --ed thy father's heart with proud desire of bold-faced victory,” H6A IV, 6, 11. c) to do good, to delight: “it --s the very sickness in my heart,” Hml. IV, 7, 56. “it would w. his spirits, to hear from me you had left Antony,” Ant. III, 13, 69. “the very middle of my heart is --ed by the rest,” Cymb. I, 6, 28.
2) intr. to become animated: “from her working all his visage --ed,” Hml. II, 2, 580 (Qq wanned).
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