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Wax, subst. 1) the substance which bees form into cells for the reception of their honey: All's I, 2, 65. H4B IV, 5, 77. H6B IV, 2, 89. Quibbling in H4B I, 2, 180. Emblem of softness: Ven. 565. Pilgr. 88. H6C II, 1, 171. III, 2, 51. Tit. III, 1, 45. Rom. III, 3, 126. Hml. III, 4, 84. Used as a cement to attach papers to something: “set this up with w. upon old Brutus' statue,” Caes. I, 3, 145. to make impressions of things: “w. . . wherein is stamped the semblance of a devil,” Lucr. 1245. “as a form in w. by him imprinted,” Mids. I, 1, 49. “I cannot read: the character I'll take with w.” Tim. V, 3, 6. to make figures of: “which bleeds away, even as a form of w. resolveth from his figure 'gainst the fire,” John V, 4, 24. “he's a man of w.” Rom. I, 3, 76 (as pretty as if he had been modelled in wax). “thy noble shape is but a form of w. digressing from the valour of a man,” III, 3, 126. In the following passage there is probably an allusion to the ancient practice of writing on tablets coated with wax: “my free drift . . . moves in a wide sea of w.” Tim. I, 1, 47.
2) sealing-wax: LLL IV, 1, 59. Tw. II, 5, 103. H6B IV, 2, 89. Lr. IV, 6, 264. Cymb. III, 2, 35. Quibbling in LLL V, 2, 10.
3) For the sake of punning, == growth: “a wassail candle, all tallow: if I did say of w., my growth would approve the truth,” H4B I, 2, 180.
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