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Weight, 1) a measure by which the gravity of things is ascertained: “a w. of carrion flesh,” Merch. IV, 1, 41. “there was the w. that pulled me down,” H8 III, 2, 408 (by turning the scale). “from whose so many --s of baseness cannot a dram of worth be drawn,” Cymb. III, 5, 88. by w., by the w., and in w. == according to the quantity measured by the balance, and hence in just proportion, exactly: “make us pay down for our offence by w. the words of heaven,” Meas. I, 2, 125. “purchased by the w.” Merch. III, 2, 89. “which in w. to re-answer, his pettiness would bow under,” H5 III, 6, 136. “so much by w. hate I her Diomed,” Troil. V, 2, 168. “thy madness shall be paid by w.” Hml. IV, 5, 156.
== measure in general, degree: “thou lovest me not with the full w. that I love thee,” As I, 2, 9. “that my integrity and truth to you might be affronted with the match and w. of such a winnowed purity in love,” Troil. III, 2, 173. “how much the quantity, the w. as much as I do love my father,” Cymb. IV, 2, 17 (how == however).
2) the quantity ascertained by the balance; gravity: “a bell, once set on ringing, with his own w. goes,” Lucr. 1494. “heavier by the w. of a man,” Ado III, 4, 26. Shr. II, 206. All's II, 3, 126. H4B II, 4, 276. Troil. IV, 1, 71. Metaphorically: “know by measure the enemies' w.” Troil. I, 3, 203.
3) heaviness, ponderousness: “grief boundeth where it falls, not with the empty hollowness, but w.” R2 I, 2, 59. H4B I, 1, 122. Ant. IV, 15, 34. V, 2, 102.
4) burden, load: “the beast that bears me, tired with my woe, plods dully on, to bear that w. in me,” Sonn. 50, 6. “burdened with lesser w.” Err. I, 1, 109. “burdened with like w. of pain,” II, 1, 36. “I would bend under any heavy w. that he'll enjoin me to,” Ado V, 1, 286. “what passion hangs these --s upon my tongue?” As I, 2, 269. John III, 1, 297. R2 III, 4, 31. IV, 204. H4A V, 3, 35. H6C IV, 6, 51. V, 1, 36. V, 7, 24. R3 I, 2, 31. H8 V, 3, 66. Lr. V, 3, 323. Ant. I, 4, 25. I, 5, 21. III, 1, 36.
5) importance, consequence: “quittance of desert and merit according to the w. and worthiness,” H5 II, 2, 35. “full of poise and difficult w.” Oth. III, 3, 82 (Q1 of difficulty). of w. == important, momentous: Ado III, 3, 91. H5 I, 2, 5. H8 III, 1, 71. “of no less w.” LLL II, 7. “of more w.” Ant. I, 2, 71.
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